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Misha Lee is tired of seeing her favourite things about Durban die, so she’s doing something about it. Check out their event submitted via Durban is Ours and tickle yourself pink, purple, blue, red…



EThekwini is a genius child fueled by spicy food and 5am sunrise surfs. She’s a vibrant vibe with the chilliest people. Haters say she’s a copy-cat Cape Town, but warm Durban beats to her own drum. Under her palm trees and sunny skies, she secretly hosts a multi-cultural creative community.


It’s always been my dream to watch my city catch creative fire. I love it to pieces. Through my lens, I’ve witnessed its sparks on the streets. But yet, I find myself heartbroken.


My favourite music venues and coffee shops were closing. We walk past beading street vendors with the same “ugh” as we would an emerging artist on Instagram. As a photographer by trade and joy, I have felt that same empty echo of apathy you’re feeling. Maybe it’s because people don’t care. Maybe I care too much.



I thought, “Durban’s creative culture hasn’t got the love she truly deserves.”


With this bee buzzing in my head, my heart leapt when Community opened its doors to the makers and creators of Durban. It’s a warm and welcoming place for the artistically ambitious, plus their in-house coffee shop, SheBrews, makes killer coffee.


This growing excitement accelerated to an idea. A conversation with Community. Then suddenly, an evening. A celebration of her creative spirit. And we called it COLOUR. And you’re invited.



The 17th of May 2018 is a Thursday dedicated to Durban’s artists. We’ve combined live music by some of Durban’s finest talent, photography exhibitions, fun doodling competitions, great coffee and wine all into one great vibe with great people.


Do something a little different with your Thursday, bring your hipster friends and find out all the details here.


Let’s give Durban’s creative culture the love she truly deserves.


Misha Lee

A creative and colourful photo-taker and video-maker based in Durban, ZA.

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