PatternNation X Durban is Ours




Every month we team up with a #DurbanDesigner to hash out the theme of the month for Durban is Ours submissions and this month we’re getting colourful with PatternNation.


PatternNation is a collaborative and inclusive platform aimed at connecting artists who embrace bold colour and pattern globally. PatternNation was founded and is ran by Vancouver Canada based artist, muralist and fashion designer Cydney Eva. After studying visual art at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Cydney now lives part-time in Durban with her partner CostaBesta who is the co-creative director of PatternNation. Spending January – June in Durban this year Cydney and Costa have been growing PatternNation in the city; they have shown interactive art installations at a number of First Thursdays exhibitions (including a piece with Colour Your City), painted the Pondo Bridge in Port Saint Johns, curated Derekorder live sessions at 40 Fenton, produced Violet Visions art show with Lex Lafoy, filmed and released Costa Besta’s purple oceans music video and painted several murals around the city, trying to get involved in as many projects as possible before returning to Canada.



PatternNation hopes to inspire people in Durban to be colourful and experiment with their fashion and art. Both Cydney and Costa are extremely colourful individuals, they use colour and pattern in their work as artists and in every aspect of their daily lives. This is why the theme of the PatternNation feature issue of Durban is Yours is Colour and Pattern. Everyone has an association or memory that relates to colour and pattern, they are universal concepts that we all can embrace.


Colour is all around us, it is in the spaces we live in, the media we consume and the clothing we wear, colours can signify race, nationalities and be used to represent causes, the power of colour is infinite. What’s your colour story? We are living in a pattern nation, repetition is music, fashion, visual art and even in the way we move through our cities and love our daily routines. What patterns do you practice?



“When I am wearing colours I feel very energized and happy. I feel like colours and patterns are life, they are what you see all around you, colours and patterns are everywhere.” -Costabesta

“Colours and Patterns are my world, they lift me up when I am down and create positive vibes around me. I stand out in public when I wear colours and patterns but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Cydney


We’re accepting submissions in the form of photography, ‘fine’ art, graphic design, poetry, articles, video, lookbooks and anything else you can think of (except music, unless it’s to theme; we receive A LOT of music). Send your stuff through to [email protected] before 25 May to be featured.



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