Darker Shades? : A Durban is Ours Submission

For this month’s Durban is Ours theme, we asked you to tell us what colour and patterns mean to you in whatever way you choose. Kgaugelo Maanaso chose to do so in poem form with prose that highlights the importance of picking the right outfit for the day.




Darker shades?

She chose to go brighter today.
Brighter than the sunlight;
It was a good day.
She slipped into a slim silk dress dipped in a sparkling
red wine she looked sexy.
She picked a pink lipstick;
A pale pastel peach eye shadow;
The one that makes her pupils pop;
She was going brighter so she used a little more
highlighter than most days;
It was a turn of character.
Gone are those plain black and white office suits and
those serious dudes that believe in a morning cup of
black coffee.
No more!to darker shades.
Nope not today…This time she wanted to stand out of
crowds with her shadow behind her strides, she wore
She never does;
Another oh my is that her;
She spiced her costume
with slick touches of creativity;
A retro striped shirt on top of her dress
And a handbag that had painted words ‘pattern my
prints’ crafted across its leather,now she went colour.
What happened to darker shades?
“Well just a little bit of colour adds a tint of cool to your dull.”,She said and
Was she right or was she bright.

Was she right or was she bright.

– Kgaugelo Maanaso

3 Responses to “Darker Shades? : A Durban is Ours Submission”
  1. Sphila says:

    Keep it up!!!

  2. Katli says:

    I love you babe you’re a star☆
    Keep it up ♡

  3. I’m proud of you!!

    Keep it up 👆

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