The Hive Brings Loud Live Music to Ballito

The Hive is a new coffee shop in Ballito. This usually wouldn’t pique our interest, but they’ve opened their doors to all sorts of musicians and are trying to create a cool live music space which is something we’re always into. Evan van Zyl and Matt Cuthbert made the trip to Ballito for a gig and had a chat with the passionate owners.


Evan van Zyl plays guitar at The Hive

Photo by Matthew Cuthbert


Unless you’re into Crush (the one club they have, that I know of) [Ed note: There is/was also Sub Zero] or different versions of the same pub and grill, odds are that Ballito’s nightlife isn’t for you. I know it wasn’t for me. Up until recently though…


Last month we saw bands like CODES and Violence head up north to play a spot called The Hive, and naturally intrigued, I managed to find an excuse to get myself there a few weeks later. So this past weekend Matthew and I found ourselves mixed up in the new North Coast coffee shop, bouncing up and down with the locals to the musical stylings of Buckshot and MOUSE.


After the DIY chaos transpired, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the venue owners/managers about this new jol.


It might just be the initial excitement of a new(ish) venue, but even though the attendance wasn’t overflowing, the positivity was somewhat infectious.


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Thrifty hipster jol by day, The Hive is your regular independent coffee shop, but with a bit more love for its local artists. Judging by their Instagram page, it seems like they allow local artists of different outlets to use the store as a hub, selling their clothing and accessories alongside your freshly brewed pick-me-up. All of this shifts aside at night though, with the floor space being primarily allocated for the crowd. Couches remain and the store stays open. Throw in Kurt Cobain’s Montage of Heck documentary rolling in the background for some added aesthetic.


(You can check Matt’s Instagram for more extensive photos of the venue and the show. And check The Hive’s to see what they’ve got going on all the time.)


I’m not saying this will change the scene and that Durbanites will jump in their cars to fill this new space, (God knows that won’t happen) but there’s a new vibe there and these dudes are bringing back a bit of the DIY mindset that Durban has been missing for the last few years. With BYOB, an intimate space, and some positive energy, it’s pretty easy to feel part of this new community.


Catch Facing the Gallows, I Believe in Giants and Thorns of Ivory there on the 11th of May.



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  1. Satan says:

    Christian hipster Jol. This place looks kak.

  2. Radmin says:

    They open their stage to bands and musicians who very much aren’t Christian and allow people to bring their own booze, but cool, slate the place if you need to get your daily edgelord rewards up or whatever.

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