The 7 Best All Day Breakfast Spots in Durban

We know how hard it is to get a hangover breakfast at a time that is reasonable for a hangover breakfast. At some restaurants, eggs and bacon magically become lunch foods at 11 am but never fear, Leah Jasmine breaks down 7 Durban eateries where you can get breakfast on your own time.


Breakfast at Antique Cafe by Ilhaam Schrueder




Why the hell would you stop serving breakfast at 11 am when that’s exactly when I want to eat breakfast?



You already know that this is a DIY favourite. If you live in Durban, this is probably your best spot to treat yourself to a weekend breakfast if you’re feeling flush. To those new to the city, however, or just visiting, we recommend you get your ass down there immediately (even if you’re reading this at 3 in the afternoon, because their breakfast is available all day). We would recommend the Not-So-Benedict but Bob says it’s too tangy – to the horror of the rest of DIY. If it’s your first visit the Benedict is non-negotiable, but upon your inevitable return, we highly recommend the banana bread French toast and whatever delicious thing Brett’s paired it with on the seasonal menu.

Price: $$$


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The Glenwood Bakery

The Bakery is a place you want to get to early before the pain-au-chocolates all disappear. However, should you arrive to find not a single bagel, Danish or croissant on the shelves, don’t panic because they serve breakfast all day. Pro tip: you can swap out the coppa ham on “The Egg” for an extra egg at no extra cost, and you’ll be dreaming about those roast tomatoes for a week. They have weekly specials too. It’s exciting.

Price: $$


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Market’s al fresco dining is a Durban favourite for those in the know, but did you know that they serve breakfast all fucking day? Yeah, the trust fund kids know. They serve a Pulled Lamb Benedict with a minted mustard hollandaise, and that’s all we need to say about that, really. Go with bank and impress someone you really like.

Price: $$$


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Spoonful Eatery

Man, oh man. This is Glenwood’s best-kept breakfast secret. You can roll out of bed hungover as shit and get a motherflipping breakfast bunny at this spot. Boom, hangover cured. Check out their unusual menu and add this to your favourites because you’re going to want to try everything you haven’t seen before.

Price: $$


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Antique Cafe

Bacon for breakfast is cancelled, we’re doing lamb rashers now. The cute little courtyard in Morningside is tucked into an antique shop so each visit is like a time-warp exploration through vintage dreams. Their shakshuka left me shook, it’s just spicy enough to make you sweat (although this is Durban and everyone is sweating). Their menu is Halaal too.

Price: $$


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Love Coffee

While not entirely a breakfast spot, you can pick up a Love Bun from Love Coffee at any time of the day. What’s a Love Bun, you ask? Go get one and find out.

Okay fine I’ll tell you. It’s a poached egg on an English muffin with basil pesto, sundried tomato, potato and cheese. Snap one up on your way to work the afternoon shift and chow it in your car while you’re on-the-go.

Price: $


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The Digs Kitchen

Honestly, when I first heard of this place I thought it was called The Dick’s Kitchen, so when I saw my high school bully working at the shop I had a good, full-belly laugh. Nevertheless, I still left with a full belly. It’s like healthy student food, the kind you wished you could make when you were actually a student (if you’re still a student go take some notes). I could actually write an entirely separate article detailing Durban’s Eggs Benedict scene (and I just might) because Parc is still in my lead but these guys are cool too. I’m here for the French toast for though.

Price: $



Got a favourite all-day breakfast spot that we forgot? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Lerlen says:

    The Glenwood Bakery has most delicious breakfasts.
    And besides the plain eggs Benedict i tried the lamb mince on toast recently.

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