Busy B.A.E

Since making Evan van Zyl’s illustrious Top 10 Alternative Releases of 2017, the Bad Ass Execs have decided to make a run for the 2018 list early. They’ve put out two music videos, a cover of a song with a title that clearly isn’t of this time, and an original single that may or may not have been recorded on a cellphone. Evan breaks it all down for you.



In the second half of 2017, The Bad Ass Execs released two singles, over a year after the release of their 2016 demos – flaunting a more refined garage rock tone and some improved production. I enjoyed it so much, that I added it to my Top 10 List of Alternative Releases for 2017. Now, a few months later, in 2018, the Execs still have something left to give, and there’s a lot. In the last two months, and more specifically the previous two weeks, The Bad Ass Execs have released two music videos for new songs and a live recording of a Devo cover. They released another original track before I had even finished this piece. So here’s a quick look at what BAE has been up to in the last two weeks.


Diamond Eyes:

A collection of stop-motion shots of the band paired with some peculiar sequences of Spongebob Squarepants touching a Crabby Patty, and Michael Jackson holding his baby off a balcony. A new kind of strange for my taste, but I’ll embrace it because the surf-tinged laid-back garage track is the feel-good hit that I needed to get me through February in Durban. (For anyone who’s not in Durban, if you’re unaware, it’s fucking hot.)



Song We Don’t Sing:

A seemingly filmed band rehearsal is at the base of this video, overlaid by some things I won’t even try to identify. Just watch, and maybe you can tell me. I think the title of the song gives away that this is an instrumental piece, and it comes off as a bit of jam-track, with some piano thrown into the mix of crunchy guitar and what I’m guessing are cracked cymbals.



Mongoloid – Devo (Cover) 

Dirt. Messy, Whatsapp voice note dirt. It’s a cover filled with mistakes and mic-feedback- if that’s your thing, click play, if not, probably don’t.



Back on the Leaves:

I’m probably going to make a few incorrect assumptions about this track.

It’s what I can only presume to be a live-tracked mix on a single mic (or cellphone) with some vocal dubs thrown over it, but I’m happy to be corrected [Ed note: It sounds like it was recorded from the back of an empty school hall]. Back on the Leaves brings in a lot of grit, but the vocal performances make it a lot more digestible with the kind of catchy chorus that even my dad could get behind. And on a side note, I don’t know how you record balls nicely, but I think they did.



I’m not going to attempt to speculate over what these homies are planning to do over the next year, and whether or not they will keep putting out this much music but I think it’s the kind of thing that demands attention in its own way, and it definitely got mine. Is everything perfect? No it isn’t, but it isn’t supposed to be. It provides a window into the world of this band though, faulty voice notes and all.

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