5 Questions With Jazteq

The UJ aka Josh Scheepers aka ujochi aka palmdrive is back with yet another questions x 5. This time he introduces us to a local producer with a flair for the old school, Jazteq.


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Keanan Naidu aka Jazteq is a producer currently based in Durban, you might have seen him jamming his SP-555 somewhere. He’s been doing that a lot lately! I asked him a couple questions to find out more about what he’s been up to and to get some insider info on the new label/collective he’s part of.


DIY: You did the music for Pure’s new track for which she just released a video (which is awesome btw), how did that come about?

Jazteq: Yeah that video is a trip 🙂 (Sun Ra himself would be damn proud to see this strand of Afrofuturism)

Purity and I have known each other for many years, I met her on the Durban scene and used to watch lots of her shows when she was in Fruit & Veggies. Pure has always been an amazing vocalist and we also just relate well in our mentality so when she approached me asking for some beats I was more than happy and honoured to comply. I sent her a good couple to choose from as my style of beats was going in various directions. She chose one which she preferred and asked me to elaborate on it, at which point she had started writing lyrics to the original. A couple voice notes later and I was sending the separates to be mixed and mastered by her homie in Cape Town which was also an honour because it was my first time hearing a beat of mine mixed and mastered professionally.


You’re part of the Iqoqo Leqoqo Collective which is a new thing comprised of some OG Durban musicians and producers, what made you decide to bring them all together and start a collective?

I did not start Iqoqo Leqoqo by myself 🙂 It is the labour of love put together by my homie Cereal (aka Coban Ferreira) and myself, and all our members constantly inspiring us. We both share a similar love in boom bap music and true school hip-hop. Over the years we had both met numerous beatsmiths who we became friends with and were inspired by, and shared the same love for true school and beat making with them. We were all on separate journeys just establishing ourselves, finding our sounds.

Cereal and I only met later in life but we both had a similar interest in what we were aiming to achieve. I wanted to start a label and he wanted to start a collective platform. We have combined both of those ideas to create Iqoqo Leqoqo.



Have you ever had an alien encounter? Do you think people that say they have are just talking shit or do you BELIEVE??

David Icke and the reptilian Illuminati!!! I actually don’t know what to believe, I’m just tryna make beats… I’m ready to believe in ’em and have an encounter… hmu life from other planets… sup?


If you opened your own hip-hop club, what would you call it?

Buck Fiddy (about to copyright it). My alternate name would be Elton Johns.


Do you think we’re gonna come out of 2018 clean of nuclear war or have you already started stocking the bunker with baked beans?

Yo, dude, I got shit to do in 2018. My man better keep his bombs to himself. But yeah, I’m still stocking up on those tins of beans though, not because of impending war… because of beans on toast man!



Iqoqo Leqoqo have released some cassettes (OMG RETRO BABY), go snag one while you still can! You can find them on Bandcamp at: https://iqoqoleqoqo.bandcamp.com/

You should follow them on Soundcloud and Facebook too, while you’re at it


Check out Pure’s new video below:



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    My man Jazteq… Much respekt king, rock these beats. Dope interview

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