Leah’s Top 10 Ways To Avoid Harassing Women in 2018

Based on the steaming pile of shit that was 2017, Leah Jasmine put together this handy guide to help you not be a creep in 2018.

From the site Grab Back Comics, check them out. https://grabbackcomics.com/2017/10/24/had-i-know-about-it/


With the Cosby-Weinsteins of the world crawling out of the woodwork, it’s left a lot of figures from the male species wondering whether they, too, are guilty of such atrocities. You’ve been raised in a world where you’re the most important character, so it’s understandable that now your sub-characters are busting out with their own narratives, you might just be shitting yourself wondering whether the next notification you get will be one exposing one of the scenarios you still consider “touch and go.” You might even feel tempted to call every woman you’ve ever encountered and apologise “if you ever did anything that made them feel uncomfortable.” That’s a great way of absolving yourself of guilt for your actions without actually being accountable for them. I get it, you’re trash. But you really don’t have to be. Here are the Top 10 Ways to avoid harassing women, brought to you by the steaming pile of shit that was 2017.


10. She Don’t Owe You Shit.

You bought me a drink? Oh, that’s nice, thank yo- did you just call me a bitch for walking away? Let’s get something straight. My conversation is not for sale. A drink is not the price you pay to talk to me. Dinner is not the cost of getting into my bed.


9. Keep Your Willy to Yourself.



They’re called dick pics because if you send one unsolicited it makes you a dick. Also, don’t whip it out in public (unless you’ve been asked). No one likes it, not even blind people.


8. You’re Not a Nice Guy.

If you’re the type who whines about how nice you are to women and how shit it is that they don’t like you back, let’s just be clear: there is a very special place for you in the rubbish bin. If your only reason for being “nice” is to get women to like you, you’re trash.


7. Virtue! Virtue! Virtue!

We see you, motherfuckers with the loudmouths screaming about how we need to treat women better. You and your crew of virtue signalling brocialists belong in the garbage with the “nice guys”.


6. No Means No.



“I’m not sure” means no. “I don’t want to” means no. “I have a headache, I don’t feel like it, not tonight, I’m not up to it,” MEANS NO. Freezing up also means no. Sometimes we say no with our bodies, not with our words. You may be wondering why – and it’s because we’re fucking terrified. Be aware of our body language. If it’s even mildly defensive, double check whether you have her consent to do what you are doing.


5. Is This Okay?

THIS IS A POWERFUL QUESTION. It takes two seconds to ask if what’s currently going down is cool with the person you’re going down on/kissing/holding hands with. You don’t need to ask every 5 minutes, but it’s not that difficult to establish whether consent has been granted. Literally just ask.


4. Ask Your Friends.

Assuming you do have friends of the female identity, spend a bit of time talking to them about their experiences. You’ll be surprised at how many people you know have compromised her. Listen to her accounts of how men behave towards her. Pledge to do better.


3. The Boot if You Hoot.


Illustration by Séamus Gallagher https://www.instagram.com/shameusseamus/#_=_


You might be thinking to yourself, “Wow, that woman I have never met looks so lovely today, I’m going to boost her confidence by aggressively honking my hooter at her, or perhaps by whistling or shouting.” What you should be thinking is, “Wow, that woman I have never met looks lovely today, I’m going to let her continue with her day uninterrupted so that she can continue to feel as good as she looks.”


2. Back off, dude.

If she doesn’t want to go on a date with you, or talk to you, or give you her number, or hang out at your place or in public, or accept your dinner or your advances she might tell you in a myriad of ways. If you get the feeling that maybe she’s not interested, just back the fuck up. Don’t sulk about it. Don’t whine. Don’t call us bitches or make us feel guilty or have to try and placate you. Grow a pair of ovaries and woman up. Leave us alone.


1. Stay at home

If you’re incapable of adhering to what I’ve listed above, please rather just stay at home, forever.

4 Responses to “Leah’s Top 10 Ways To Avoid Harassing Women in 2018”
  1. Jon says:

    This is rad, Leah!! And because I’m bored, I googled that catcalling illustration – artist is Séamus Gallagher, here’s his instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shameusseamus/#_=_

  2. Radmin says:

    Thanks Jon, reverse image search on Google pulled up sites selling it as a shirt, will edit accordingly.

  3. Anya says:

    Thanks for this, Leah! I think re: point 7, it could do well to further clarify that it’s okay for men to serve as advocates for women’s rights/right to be left tf alone; and I think it’s important for men to encourage conversations and instigate discussions with other men on the topic. However, when men start trumpeting their wokeness and act as authorities on the subject – that’s when they need to please take a seat.

  4. Mouse says:

    I’ve been following your stuff all year on this subject and this seems like a fairly comprehensive summarisation. Nice writing Leah! I particularly like the “…pledge to do better” Its a fair point. 🙂

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