How to #ShopLocal this Christmas

Avoid the malls and put money in local entrepreneur pockets by shopping local these holidays. Leah Jasmine put together this handy guide to make your life easier and your gift giving swaggier.




‘Tis the season to go shopping, fla la la la la… nah nah nah nah. We understand how trudging your ass through Gateway or another day at Musgrave Centre might leave you tempted to do your Christmas shopping at the Pharmacy on Florida Road just to avoid being around people. We get it, we hate malls too, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of how to shop local this festive season without setting foot in a shopping centre. If you’re lucky, you might even win all your Christmas shopping. Keep reading to see how…



Thembekile Stationery

Chances are you know at least one person who struggles to get their shit together. Thembekile Stationery have finally opened up orders for their 2018 organisational planners. Designed by Tseghofatso Senne and featuring everything one might need to get their shit together, we highly recommend hooking someone up with one of these. You can get place your order here.




Eleu Intimates

These beautifully made bralettes are perfect for spoiling a fine ass female in your life, or even to treat yo’self. The handmade lingerie is produced right here in Durban, and it’ll bring a smile to a bae’s day. Check out their Instgram to order.




Hlubi Accessories

Less waste, more love. These hand-made upcycled accessories are the perfect gift for someone bold and hell-bent on making an impact. Check out their gorgeous statement pieces and say something big, like “I love you so much I got you a whole range of Hlubi.” Get in touch with them via Facebook.




The Bearded Man

Is there a beard in your life you would like to bless? Summer beards can be icky. Make sure your man’s is not. The Bearded Man has a range of care products to keep that beard naas and frash, plus they deliver nationwide for free and offer same-day delivery in Durban for you last-minute panic purchasers. Here’s their website if you want to make a purchase.




Ike’s and Khaya Records

This is not a shopping mall, this is a sanctuary. If you’re not sure which classic book your giftee might enjoy, or what records they already have, you can hook up your loved one(s) with a voucher for either of these places, or take them with you, drink some coffee on the balcony and bless them hard. They will love you. Both are at 85 4th Avenue.


Photo by Russell Grant.



In Bloom

Feeling penniless while trying to be pennywise this season? It’s cool. Try thrifting from In Bloom clothing. They’re not just a thrift vibe though, Lotus from In Bloom makes the most adorable crocheted tops and they are hella cute. Check out their Instagram for options.



Emily’s Festive Felts

Maybe you have one of those families that like to get REAL festive. Like, Weasley-level festive. Keep your nose out of H&M, have a look at Emily’s hand-made festive felt shirts instead. She makes custom ones too, so you can get creative as heck. Mail [email protected] to order a custom shirt!




S’khumba Crafts

You’re gonna have to go on a bit of an adventure for this one, but if you head South for about 120kms you’ll stumble upon one of KZN’s best kept secrets, and they like to keep it that way. Nestled in the forests of Southbroom is S’khumba Crafts, a sanctuary of great coffee and leather goods. They have an incredible range of handcrafted leather shoes, bags and accessories that will literally last a lifetime. 




Throw on some African style and support the women who craft the incredible high-quality products from Kangamama. Wrap up their glorious prints and give them away while you secretly wish you kept them for yourself. Here’s their website.




Trade Mark Tattoo

If you really want to show someone you love them (me, show me) get them a voucher from Trademark Tattoos. They are the best in town and you’ll make someone very very happy with a gift they will literally never be able to forget. Check out their Facebook page.




Lola & Co

You know what we love? Seeing other people find something they love and turning it into a way of life, so naturally, we’re drooling all over Lola & Co’s handcrafted skincare. It’s made in small batches using botanical oils, butters, herbs, spices etc. Order neow to get it in time for Christmas! You can do so on their website.




The Vintager

Chances are someone special to you has a thing for the previously loved. There’s something about the story behind a vintage piece that makes it layered with collective memory. Instead of sifting through endless junk at some random spot, pop into their store on Station Drive and explore their stunning and well-curated gems. Here’s their Facebook page.



So what do you think? Something for everyone, or have we left out one of your favourite local brands? Let us know. What’s in it for you, you ask? Well, you could win hamper that contains a bralette from Eleu, a starter kit from The Bearded Man, an R800 Trade Mark Tattoo voucher and a R300 Khaya Records voucher (Not for new releases, unfortunately). All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us your favourite thing about summer in Durban* and the best comment (as debated over blood by the DIY team) will win a gift hamper extravaganza so you can bless someone you dig this xmas (or keep it for yourself, we won’t judge). Winner announced 22 December.


* Some of our favourites might also be used in a future article about summer in Durban.

7 Responses to “How to #ShopLocal this Christmas”
  1. Sarah Claxton says:

    What’s not to love about barefeet and sun-kissed cheeks in the Summer City.
    For me, summer in Durban is made special by balmy evening swims and the smell of an afternoon rain on the sun-soaked tar. Although, we seem to be having more rain than sun so far this summer and you can’t beat the excitement of a summer thunderstorm.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Such a rad article! There is a stunning brand called Polka Dot Coco that make the most beautiful bow ties. They are made out of colourful material in all kinds of majestic patterns and you can get both traditional bow ties and bow tie necklaces (Cue fashionista of note).

    But my favourite thing about a Durban summer, has to be the smell of water evaporating off the brick next to the pool, the haze of chlorine halos around everything you look at, and water droplets falling from wet hair onto hot shoulders. The glory of this is that it can be experienced at the Sutton Park pool. A really tranquil community spot where everyone gathers together to cool off.

  3. Lara Chatz says:

    My favourite thing about summer in Durban…it has to be the abundance of nipples on display. That and the fresh as fuck litchis. Everywhere you go, NJE.

  4. Rohini says:

    Great article and to see unique Durban style cutting through. Durban is definitely no longer the little sister of Joburg and Cape Town – she’s standing tall and making it count!
    It’s hard to choose 1 favorite thing about this incredible city but my top 3 would be:
    1. Stepping off the plane and taking a big inhalation of that thick, humid and salty air – tells me I’m home 🙂
    2. The sunrise over Ushaka pier with all the good folk up early for a run/bike ride/ walk/dog stroll on the promenade
    3. The smell of my mom’s mince kebab curry and roti cooking and the banter of my family in the background

  5. Dylan says:

    Summer in Durbs has gota be the best!
    These are some of my favourite things:
    Beautiful half naked people
    Swallowing humid summer soup air
    Oceanic rejuvenation
    Being barefoot for weeks
    Living in swim shorts
    Sharing sweat with strangers
    Dancing until dawn
    Breathtaking sunrises

  6. Toni Dias says:

    my favourite thing about summer I’m durban is definitely the weather. Hot days afternoons on the the beach and warm nights out 🙂

  7. Emily says:

    My absolute favourite thing about Summer in Durban would have to be going for swims with my doggo. Is there anything better then swimming with your four legged friend in the warmest water surrounded by the friendliest strangers you’ll come across?

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