20 Places To Get Coffee That Don’t Rhyme With Sucks

Local is lekker.



Here at DIY we require a fairly severe amount of coffee to keep us going. Between our day jobs, passion projects and joints, we require the legal stimulant so that we can keep operating like the goddamn superheroes that we are. When we heard that a certain American Coffee Chain was coming to town, we felt it was our duty to step in and defend the local brewers who have been, and will continue to be supplying Durban’s best coffee, without that covfefe nonsense. Here’s a list of 20 places in Durban that serve better coffee than S****ucks and how to get there (in no particular order).


1. Noble Coffee

There by ArtSPACE, up the stairs just off Umgeni Road – 3 Millar Rd for your GPS.


2. Bean Green

It’s literally next door to Amsterdam. (147 Helen Joseph Rd if you don’t know where Amsterdam is.)


3. Love Coffee (both of them)

You probably know about the one on Windermere Rd, but have you seen the adorable new one just off Florida Rd, on Holden Avenue? It’s at Hacienda, between SPAR and Tops.


4. Counter Culture

It’s about halfway down Florida Road, like opposite the KFC.


5. The Office (British > American)

At some point you may be tempted to stop at S****ucks on your way to work, just to feel like an American for 5 minutes. Don’t do it. Wait until you get to work and chuck in an extra spoon of Nescafe. Still better than burnt toilet water.


6. Coffee Tree

We like this spot ‘cause it’s a little trickier to find. If you’ve never been we suggest a young coffee hunt on the corner of Daventry Place & Cato Road. Thank us later.


7. Fortune Coffee

This spot is somewhere inside Windermere Centre, so if you find yourself unfortunately trapped inside this shopping “mall”, switch up your luck and get yourself caffeinated.


8. Savior Cafe

Please don’t make the same mistake we did and go all the way to Station Drive for this spot, YOU WILL NOT FIND IT. They’re on Bulwer Road now, just up from the KZNSA.



Which reminds us, there’s decent coffee at the art gallery. 166 Bulwer Rd, aka the spot with the art wall outside.


10. Freedom Cafe

God, it’s easy to get lost looking for this place. It’s in between Campbell Avenue and St Marys Avenue. Remember, Campbell goes down towards the sea, St Marys goes up towards the ridge. Both are one-ways. You’ve been warned.


11. A four-year-old’s tea party:

Mud-pies and water filtered through wet sand still beats a “grande” cup of sewerage.


12. Spiga

You know where Spiga is. (Well, you knew where Spiga was, Spiga has since closed)


13. Cityzen Cafe

It’s the internet cafe you have to walk through to get to Falafel Fundi. Yes, they serve coffee there and the coffee is average, but it’s still better than American dishwater and they’ll write your name on it if you ask nicely.


14. Parc

Lifehack: If you can’t afford to eat at Parc, just grab a coffee from there and a pastry from The Glenwood Bakery. Issa win-win. 394 Esther Roberts Road, just before the Umbilo copshop. 


15. Prep Room

Even if your kids don’t go to Glenwood Prep, this is a great place to hang out if you’re in the parental category. Plus you can get ya nails did at Bloom Box upstairs. Bath Road.


16. The church on Florida Road

We’ve only seen it from the outside because any member of our team would likely burst into flames upon entry, but we hear there’s good coffee at Olive Tree.


17. Vida E

Yeah it’s a chain but it’s a local chain. Top of Florida Road on the corner of Innes, opposite Mitchell Park is the better one.


18. Old Age Homes

When last did you visit your gran? We promise that the coffee at her Old Age Home is still better than S****ucks.


19. The Ricoffy at my Pawzy

We all work from home (obviously) but we can hook you up if you have our digits, holla and come through.


20. Jacksonville

We deliberately left this until the end because it’s still kind of a secret, so if you made it this far, congratulations, you get to find the best coffee on Florida Road. This lil’ nook is hidden deep within the Hertex Showroom, near the top of Florida (behind the couches and rugs n’ shit).


We know that there are more than 20 dope spots to get a good cup of coffee in Durban so let us know your favourites in the comments.



9 Responses to “20 Places To Get Coffee That Don’t Rhyme With Sucks”
  1. ThatLucidGuy says:

    Let’s be honest, #12 does not deserve to be amongst that list. If I’m going to have commercial grade dark roast, I’d actually rather visit our new favourite evil corporation than that. Rather save that spot for the pizza.

  2. Mariam says:

    I agree! Starbucks coming to durban was the most depressing news ever. Although you have to add Colombo Coffee to this and Lineage. Best coffee in Durban.

  3. Radmin says:

    Colombo was on our list originally but then they released Trump branded coffee which is hella wack.

  4. Bruce says:

    Columbo did the Trump thing for a joke. Undoubtedly IMHO it is the best coffee in Durban. Their technical knowledge, attention to detail and flavours are the standard to beat.

  5. Radmin says:

    Yeah, and the joke was tasteless.
    Putting a white supremacist leader who says things like “grab them by the pussy” on your coffee is tone deaf marketing that leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

  6. Colin van den Bergh says:

    You guys need to add exploring Coffee to this list! They serve some sweet ass coffee and have done their homework when it comes to quality

  7. wesley says:

    I think you are missing the Trump thing and are super contradictive with some of the misogynist posts on your facebook. You guys seem to be the only people confused/angry by the packaging. The packaging in no way supports or glorifies Trump but ridicules. Dont know how you missing that. Enjoy your ricoffy.

  8. Prakash says:

    The Coffee Guys south beach definetly the best coffee after a swim or surf in the sea.

  9. James says:

    Citi Roast on Florida is pretty good too

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