You Can Be Our Patron Saints


Do you remember magazines? I know they still exist, I see them when I’m buying pies at the petrol station. But with the move to digital content, many have gone to the big recycling bin in the sky, to be used for ransom notes and toilet reading no more. There are a few who still value flipping pages through their hands, and independent magazines seem to be finding their way into those hands. I also think the YOU will outlive us all, but for the most part, this is how many of us consume media now. Via the internet.


The Internet has changed literally everything and will continue to for some time to come. From new currencies being created to petulant kids on Dr Phil becoming rap stars, from the dark web to the Pirate Bay, from Sony being hacked by North Korea because of The Interview to nuclear wars potentially being started through Twitter. It’s safe to say that the Internet has had an impact. I mean, this site exists because of the Internet, which is quite something.


The Internet has changed the way we consume media. Obviously, like, this isn’t new info. How this relates to us today is the way sites like this make money. Typically, you, the reader, get to read all of this for free and advertisers pay us to be seen by you. It’s not as simple as “If you’re not paying for it, you are the product,” but that’s basically how it’s meant to work.


Magazines used to have a subscription and advertising based model to cover their costs/make their money. There was actually a time that you, the reader, would buy your reading material, AND still, be advertised to on every third page. Granted, paper costs more to actually print but there are people on the other side of DIY who do this just for love.


Here’s the thing, we’d like to try and see if we can make a subscription service to the site work in 2017. This can be the product, and you can be the ones paying for it, if you want. There’s a service called Patreon that connects creators with patrons who fund their art. Basically, you chip in a little bit each month and the people you’re supporting get rewarded with some budget for their work. It’s a simple subscription service where you willingly volunteer to back the content creators you enjoy.


We’re hoping you like our content enough to willingly volunteer to become a patron. Yup, I’m hitting you up for money. That’s because we don’t really want to rely on big brands to be able to pay people. Ideally, we’d have local brands advertise on the site and work with us, and have a community of subscribers who willingly chip in because they value the content and want to give back. It starts from as little as $1 a month which is under R15 a month. That’s less than a beer on a night out.


For those of you willing to chip in, we’ll make it well worth your while. We’ll be doing a ton of giveaways through our Patreon, and once we reach 50 subscribers, we’ll be hitting up some artists and getting some stickers made. Our patrons will all receive them in the mail for free first before they become available to the general public. After that, maybe T-shirts? What do you think? We’ll also be giving away free entry to SO MANY gigs. Like, probably one a week? Maybe more? We’ll see how it goes. Point is, we’ll make sure you get value for your money.


If times are tough and you really can’t go without one less box of Pall-Mall a month, or if you really just don’t want to, that’s totally chilled, we’ll still be putting out everything on the website for free, as always. You’ll still get fresh content on here daily and we’re just happy if you keep checking it out.


I don’t know if this will work, but I do know that every little helps. We already have 3 patrons and that’ll help cover costs for some sponsored posts which will help us increase our reach. So that’s something. As I said earlier, if we get to 50 patrons, we’ll get stickers made. Bit by bit, we can build. With your help.


It’s a long shot to think that this can become our only source of revenue, and for now, it won’t be, but maybe there’s a world in which 1000 people chip in under R15 a month for the content they consume. I don’t think that’s an unobtainable goal.


If you want to help us achieve that goal, please go check out our Patreon page. You’ll need a credit card or a Paypal account to sign up, but the process is super safe and easy. If you don’t have a credit card or Paypal account and want to contribute, we’ll be organising merch and events as a way to try and generate some income. Stash some cash under your mattress for that.


At the end of the day, we do this for you. Maybe a little for ourselves, to stop us from losing it completely, but really it’s about spreading the love for this city and giving it a platform to flourish. We want to bring you a better view of Durban than the sunrise at The Cube, because we love you. We hope you love us back.

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