The Mile by Kevin Goss-Ross

If you’ve been reading this site since the beginning, you know we’re HUGE Kevin Goss-Ross fans.  The photographer recently returned home for a couple of months and took the time to document the people of Durban’s Golden Mile. The results are stunning.



The beach is a shared space in which people from all backgrounds, classes, and cultures collectively let their guard down. In a country still healing from a past marred by inequality, this setting is a testimony to Nelson Mandela’s dream of a rainbow nation. This photographic series celebrates one mile of these beaches on the KwaZulu-Natal coast, a vision of what our country could be – in equal parts naivety, and hope.

Shot by photographer Kevin Goss-Ross in 2017. Kevin is a South African living in Dublin, Ireland where he works for Thinkhouse as a creative director and photographer. Kevin studied Graphic Design at the Durban University of Technology where he fell in love with the city and it’s people. Whilst back for two months waiting for an Irish work permit to process he spent four days taking these portraits with the assistance of Erin Wulfsohn, Ruben Dantuma, Keegan Crawford and Samora Chapman.


Find more of Kevin’s work on his website and Instagram.


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