Durban’s Killing It Across the Fence

Durbanites are no strangers to success across the globe but often those successes go unnoticed. ByLwansta, Toya Delazy, and Muzi are the latest three to do big things internationally and we want to make sure you know about it. Leah Jasmine fills us in on how they’ve been killing it across the fence.


The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four CR: Cartoon Network


Durban is an incubator for talent, and it has nothing to do with the heat. It’s not a production powerhouse the way Joburg and Cape Town might be, but some of the most talented cats in the country came from our corner. When we see our kind killing it, it’s a big deal! We’re used to being underground and underappreciated, with even the most gifted of Durbanites hustling hard to get recognised on a national scale. That’s why when we saw some of our homegrown talent killing it internationally, we kind of lost our shit.



If you’re living in the 21st Century, chances are you use YouTube to get your fix of tunes. But music on the internet is about more than music, and aesthetics that accompany sweet sounds have become standard. That’s why we love Colors Berlin, and why ByLwansta loves Colors Berlin. He LOVES it. So for ByLwansta, being in the German Green Screen room was a dream come true. He says standing in the same place as all his favourite artists was like going to space, and it’s true, because his Colors performance is out of this world. ByLwansta says even though there were no adoring fan-crowds at the airport, he still felt like he came home on a cloud. He’s got his feet on the ground though, and promises that next year he’s coming in hot to “fuck shit up in Durban”. So keep your eyes peeled.

Watch his performance of Lindiwe on Colors:




Toya Delazy

Imagine being a character on your favourite TV show. Better yet, imagine playing a superhero you adored as a kid, when you pressed your eyes against the TV screen to watch Cartoon Network. You’ve probably heard by now that Toya Delazy is the latest addition to the Powerpuff Girl squad, as the first episode in the new five-part series airs on the 21st of October. Toya voices the character of Blisstina (or Bliss for short), long-lost sister to Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. It’s been a lifelong dream for the singer, and she jumped at the opportunity to become the first Powerpuff Girl of colour, so in case you missed it, that’s a Durbanite making history. While Bliss kicks ass in Townsville, Toya’s kicking ass worldwide – her single Kekeke just hit 10 000 downloads and you can get it here.


Check out Toya recording the new PPG song:




If you’re still not convinced that Durban is finally going global, that’s because you haven’t heard of Muzi yet. His track Dark Matter featured on Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2017/2018 drop at New York Fashion Week. If you think about it, that means that the hottest models, dopest designers and freshest fashionistas of the world were all submerged in a track that came out of Durban for a few minutes. For a humble city such as ours, that’s a damn accolade. RL got in touch with Muzi after hearing some work he had done for Apple, so it’s not the first time the Durban producer has been recognised across the water. His music speaks for itself, and he’ll admit “I ain’t famous or anything”, which is cool, because it means Durban talent can join massive creative spaces without having huge names behind them.


Check out the sneak peek tweet ahead of the full release: 




At the end of the day, it’s not about where you come from or who knows your name. It’s about working your ass off and seizing opportunity without hesitation. Every contribution you make towards your dream is a step closer to world domination. Even if you come from Durban.

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