5 Questions with Buli

Yes we love Durban, and yes we exist to serve it, but we also need to let you know about the big bad world outside. Our country is thick with talent, and we want to bring you the best of it. Buli has steadily been building a rep through collaborating with bigger names such as Thor Rixon and Vox Portent. Now though, the young producer has now stepped out on his own with a gorgeous new EP. Josh Scheepers catches up with the anime lover from Pretoria below.




Buli is a producer currently based in Pretoria who creates atmospheric, soothing and pensive soundscapes. His music is the equivalent of taking off your shoes and socks and climbing into a warm bed on a cold evening. He’s featured on some great releases, including the latest Thor Rixon album & most recently, Kay Faith’s new EP.


He’s been making waves in the SA beat scene with his chilled melancholic instrumentals, and has collaborated with artists Micr.Pluto, Vox Portent, Leeu, Amarafleur, Physicist and FRNGE. Buli has released 4 projects to date; his latest EP Lost in the Void is the first since signing to isupposeja and follows on from his last independent EP, Wish I Slept More.


I asked him 5 questions about music and anime, check it out.




DIY: Your new EP came out very recently! Was the process for making this one the same as usual or were you trying some new things out this time?

BULI: Well, I actually made the majority of these tracks right after I finished and released Feels LP last year, so at that time I was trying to do something different, take a different approach to how I made music. I’ve spent so much time with these songs that I’m lowkey tired of them, I still like ’em though. Definitely at a better place in terms of my work. This EP won’t reflect that though.


DIY: Do you use any hardware when producing or are you just software ITB? Do you think it matters anymore?

BULI: I only recently got a MIDI keyboard, I usually just use software. Hardware only comes into play for live sets or for automations for songs I’m working on, but I’m more comfortable with just working on software alone; I can work wherever, it’s more “free”.


DIY: Have you seen KUSO yet??

BULI: NO! Not yet. I hear it’s really dope. Haven’t had time to watch it, but I’d really love to. Mostly cause FlyLo said half of his album is in it. So I definitely need to check it out.



DIY: Your top 3 anime RIGHT NOW?

BULI: Baku no Hero Academia – Season 2, Kimi to Boku, Durarara – Season 2.


DIY: How was working with Kay Faith on her EP?

BULI: I contributed to one track on the album, she sent me stems and I just worked on them. It took me a while because I had major writer’s block at the time. It turned out pretty dope.

Get Lost in the Void here.


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