Five Questions With Rosie Parade

Rosie Parade is a beat slinging bad bitch.



Five’s alive, or a jive, depending on what set of rules you use for Kings. Either way, it’s time once again to get to know a dope human being who is also a dope human doing dope things. It’s dope all the way down. This week, Josh Scheepers bounces off an email to the queen in chief at Jozi’s legendary K.C.B (Formerly known as Kitcheners) and Below The Bassline, Rosie Parade. Rosie is behind dubstep goddess Ikonika paying our humble town a visit this week (and a whole bunch of other shit), so we figured we’d ask for 5 minutes of her time and find out more about who and why she is. Get to know Rosie Parade better below and then hit up the discussion with Ikonika at Khaya Records on Thursday, and the Below The Bassline gig at The Winston on Friday.
DIY: Who is Rosie Parade?

Rosie: Rosie Parade is the bad bitch beat slinging alter ego of the considerably sweeter and messier mere human, Coco.
When (and/or why) did you realise you wanted to get involved in the music scene?

My maternal grandpa used to make us mix tapes (literal tapes) where he would read short stories and poems and cut it up with 20s jazz. Headphones were a part of my life since I was old enough to keep my head upright. From a walkman with my mom’s Joan Armatrading tapes, to a discman with my Spice Girls CDs, to an iPod with my first adolescent icons, TV on the Radio. (I’m skipping the bits where I blasted Offspring from my brother’s hi-fi). I met my partner in love and life and Broaden A New Sound, the best-ever Ri, when I was 14 and I ventured into a CD store called Rhythmic Beat (where Ri was the buyer) to explore the acid jazz sounds my brother and his gang were getting into. I got so much more than St Germain when I walked in there. Meeting Ri let the boundaries explode. Anyone who knows him, knows that he’s a literal encyclopaedia of music, from the new to old to the hasn’t been released yet. He skips genres with the most open heart I’ve ever come across. Fast-forward, I guess, 13 years down the line to today… My headphone are plugged into a mixer now.


Why do you think it’s important to create safe spaces for girls/get girls involved in the music scene(s)?

The music scene is just one moment in society. We need to create safer spaces for girls and women and feminine energy in society as a whole – the music / club scene happens to be the area where I have resources to help create that shift.
Favourite venue to play at in the country?

K.C.B, of course. The crowd, the system, the aesthetic, the music policy. I’m involved with door policy, and music policy through Broaden A New Sound. Having such a holistic involvement in a space is amazing and I’m blessed that Ri and Andrew trust my extreme politics. There isn’t a single other venue in the country that is doing what we’re doing right now at K.C.B, and I’m proud to be a part of it.


MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION – Where is the best place to get food in Joburg??

A mega-plate K.C.B chips with Mexican sauce from Remember or James is also way up there.

Here’s a taste of what you’re in for this weekend:

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