We Could All Use Self-Love

Not that kind of self-love…


Judging by the title, ‘Self-Love’ could be a film about masturbation… but it’s not. The short film written and directed by South African Rohil Aniruth and set in New York is actually a rather funny, introspective and empowering flick about the issues that women and people of colour face in the entertainment industry.┬áTurns out if you’re of Indian descent in America, and you’re not Aziz Ansari, there are only 2 roles available to you. Sure, it’s a topic┬áthat’s been done before but it needs to be repeated until things actually change. Rohil and his team do a great job of highlighting the issues they face whilst also finding solutions and empowering themselves. Plus, like I said before, it’s funny. While the issues in SA may not be the exact same, they’re similar and many South Africans will find the film relatable.


If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare and you need some self-love, don’t open pornhub, rather just click play below.




If you enjoyed that, go check out Rohil’s youtube channel, the dude puts out funny stuff pretty regularly.


From the Youtube description:

This film follows the journey of three Indian creatives in New York city as they try and traverse issues of diversity and identity within the entertainment industry. This was made for the HBO APA Visionaries Festival – we had a crazy time crunch. We had to get this all done in 4 days – with whoever would be willing to be a part of it.

Thank you to everyone who stepped in to play a role in this project. I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish.

Written, directed and edited by myself – Rohil Aniruth
Cinematography by Christian Donald Malarsie, Edgar Castro, Conor Behrens
Original score by Conor Behrens

Varunica Agrawal as Super
Varun Vig as Veejay
Rohil Aniruth as Lucky
Tara Rose Schreiber as Maddie
Christian Donald Malarsie as Bryce
Louis Cox as Louie
Franchette RJ Zamudio as Wasp
Conor Behrens as Start Up Bro
Brian Tsukerman as Rep

Contact us here:

My email: [email protected]
Production company email: [email protected]

My twitter @TheRealRohilA
My snapchat/instagram @rohilaniruth
Self-Love on facebook @selflovemovie
Our website https://www.httsun.com/

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