Watch and Download Aewon Wolf’s Live and Die eThekwini

Aewon teams up with Zulu rap giant Zakwe on this celebration of a city that’s “still overlooked”.


If there are 2 hip-hop artists who represent Durban harder than Aewon Wolf and Zakwe, I’m yet to find them. Both are on different spectrums of the same genre, with Zakwe typically dropping bars in Zulu and Aewon mostly rapping in English, but both have proven that you can make it not just from, but in Durban.  The 2 giants of Durban hip-hop have teamed up to bring you ‘Live and Die eThekwini’, a celebration of “a city where the skinny niggas die” and that’s “still overlooked”. No doubt it can be hard to eat in this town, but I’ve always said that Durban produces a stronger caliber of artists because of the struggles. Let’s face it, if you can make it in Durban, like really make it, on the level Aewon’s made it, then you can make it anywhere. A testament to which is the Pearl Thusi soundbite from New York near the end of the track. Give the video a watch below and if you dig it, go download ‘Live and Die eThekwini’ and ‘Radio’, the first 2 singles off Aewon Wolf’s debut album Mural, for free.



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