Five Questions With Rose Bonica

We get 5 on it once again, this time with the multi-talented Rose Bonica.


The king of naps is back with yet another five questions with yet another dope producer you probably don’t know, yet. This time Josh Scheepers finds out if multi-disciplined artist Rose Bonica has ever had an extraterrestrial counter, and we also find out a bit about DATAMOSHING. Oh, and the Cape Town-based producer made us (and you) an exclusive live mix which already makes her cooler than almost every Durban DJ and producer we’ve ever interviewed.


DIY: Have you ever been abducted/had an extraterrestrial encounter?

Rose: Most of my life I’ve had a constant fear that there’s an alien following me.

I was recently told I should embrace it and not fear it.

Ya, I’m still working on that.


DIY: Favourite software for the PC and why? (Macs are PCs too. lol)

Rose: “Your software choices are like any religion or addiction, they want your loyalty and they want your money and they want you to like them … its culture politics masquerading as technology” – Ted Nelson

But ya, my fave at the moment is Ableton for its usability.


DIY: Can you tell us a bit about DATAMOSHING?

Rose: “It’s all about choosing the wrong tool for the job”

It’s the ethic of glitch that drew me in, it’s all about knowing the foundation of something and then breaking it on purpose & I like the idea of consciously doing things the wrong way.

I make mistakes all the time & I used to let it slow me down, now I try to embrace them.

I’d just crossed over from video editing to web development and had to teach myself html, css, Javascript etc. I was looking for a way to combine the two and that’s when I stumbled across Nick Briz & HellCatFood. Their work opened my mind a lot and pushed me.

It’s also about taking something that already exists & changing it, using existing footage & breaking it, sampling from a song and warping it. Realising that there are no original ideas also made me stop being so critical about how or what I’ve created, so the last 2 years I’ve just created with whatever tools I have already available & been putting them online.



DIY: How do you feel about the electronic music scene in SA currently?

Rose: Are you trying to get me into trouble with this question? lol. I’ve just started making music so I don’t think I can comment on it that much.

From my own experience, I can see there is a big lack of female producers and female support. Sharing our skills is the only way to grow in any industry and I want to be a part of that.

Big Space mentored me, he included me in his music production process, pushed me to make things with him and eventually I got the confidence to go and teach myself Ableton, without him, I wouldn’t have done it.

Basically, if your girlfriend/friend/partner wants to play on your synth, stop being a dick and let them.


DIY: Why do you love cats so much??
Rose: What are you talking about? I hate cats.


Rose made this exclusive live mix for us and for you, isn’t that sweet? Give it a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments.


1. Rose Bonica – Stoicism
2. Rose Bonica – Rosy Crucifixion
3. Lorenzo BiTW – In a Bottle
4. Rose Bonica & Big Space (Sunroof Visions) – Perks of Nothing
5. Big Space – Chez Savage
6. Billy Stewart – Sitting in the Park (Rose Bonica Live Edit)
7. Big Space – Boffin Buff
8. Rose Bonica – Y DNT LUV ME PAPI

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