A Brief Encounter with The C3 Collective

Get weird stay weird.

The C3 Collective are a new crew of people in Durban, who, according to them, are “making and performing electronic music that caters to those who have been, or wish to be, abducted or have an encounter.” So yeah, you can expect some weirdness.


Who is in the crew exactly? I dunno. They didn’t tell me. They just said “All will be revealed when the alignments sync with the atrological processes that govern us. No sooner. No later. The stars have spoken and Bishop Fish aka Matthew Ilbury is the first to be revealed.” I told you, they’re a bunch of fucking weirdos but Matt is legit so there’s that. You might know him as Backcapwoods┬ábut since having an “encounter”, he’s evolved into Bishop Fish.


This half-hour, live set was recorded at the first event thrown by the collective called Acid Reflux, which was at The Winston a few weeks back. It’s a trippy mix of live hip-hop, trip-hop, and electronica in it’s various forms. Keep an ear out for new stuff coming from them soon, and “keep an eye open for the 3 red lights”. Whatever that means.



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