Veranda Panda get Nostalgic with Chocolate Mermaid

The morose exploration of nostalgia is a departure from the duo’s from radio sensibilities yet definitively Veranda Panda.

Words by Bob Perfect


Don’t you miss the gold old days? Like last year, when a Trump presidency was still a joke and catching Pokemon IRL was hype af. Now, things are looking pretty fucked. The doomsday clock has been moved to 2 and a half minutes to midnight, which, if you hadn’t figured out by the name “Doomsday Clock”, is bad. How am I going to complete my pokedex in a dystopian nightmare?  I don’t know if Veranda Panda have these same concerns, but their latest video for “Chocolate Mermaid” is a rather morose exploration of nostalgia all the same.


In the Ghostbreath (Mark Edwards) directed music video, Liam and Jane wonder about aimlessly looking bored, is it a statement on how they feel about the current local music industry? Fuck knows, but it could be judging from the lines: “People used to tell me that I’d never walk alone, these streets are full of houses but I can’t find my home, concrete jungle, this is not where I belong, swim away with me to the dolphin’s song.” While the dolphin’s song line is a bit cringey, from the rest of the lyrics you get a sense that Veranda Panda are lonely, lost and looking to escape. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into things?


It is a departure from their recent radio sensible sound and a risk considering their new fanbase, but the song still feels like a blend of all the sounds and styles the duo have been working with over the years. I’ve been listening to Veranda Panda from The White EP, and we’ve shown them a lot of love on this site over the years because they’ve always tried to just stay in their lane and do their own thing, whilst doing it all from Durban. I haven’t always enjoyed the directions they’ve gone in, but with Chocolate Mermaid it sounds like they’ve gone through a bit of an existential crisis and come out of it with a song that’s definitively Veranda Panda.



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