Five Questions with Fernando Damon

The king of naps, Josh Scheepers, is tired of you sleeping on local producers.



Twitter’s favourite nap star, Josh Scheepers aka palmdrive, is tired of you sleeping on SA’s dopest underground producers. In this short new monthly (maybe bimonthly, we’ll see) series, Josh uncovers a South African producer you should be listening to and asks them five questions.



First up is a young hip-hop (mostly) producer from Cape Town named Fernando Damon.

DIY: How did you get into making music?

Fernando: I’ve always been interested in music + sound as I was born into a rather “musical” family, and I had owned instruments of my own over the years, had lessons etc. but I never really had the drive or confidence to do so until I eventually starting studying music myself, and learned more about myself through music. However, for the duration of my first year I had barely opened a DAW (for my own purposes) other than for assignments and what I “had” to do, and it was only up until about a year ago when a friend of mine introduced me to Ableton and and the rest is history! Haha!


Who (or what) are some of your inspirations when producing?

Firstly my parents. I don’t think I’d be making my own shit if it wasn’t for their support and their hard work – I try to translate those ethics through my own sounds, along with so many other experiences and situations I had found myself in over the last 20 years. But I get the bulk of my inspiration from anybody who goes/had gone against the grain (unapologetically) in what is an already saturated industry, a few to mention are guys like lib, Dilla (RIP) and Pete Rock, I fell in love with that sound as well as the mash-up of elements it holds and am still familiarizing myself with the grassroots they provided us with every single day. Everybody should.

Do you have any gear or plugins that you just couldn’t live without?

To be fairly honest, no? I own a bass guitar I only recently really got into, hoping to incorporate more live bass into my production and eventually just get really good at it, so I obviously would not like to live without that. But I have a few drum breaks I REALLY would not be okay with being without, sort of my go-to’s when I am in need, you know…


What do you do when you aren’t doing music?

When I am not making music I am thinking of making music or dreaming about it haha, however in my free time I do things a lot of dudes my age do like play FIFA tournaments with the homies (though I never win) because FIFA hates me. I spend a lot of time with close friends, family and my girlfriend apart from just going about my daily life, I currently am trying to finish a TOEFL course so that I can be a step closer to travelling at my own expense, which will lead me to making more music…

Who’s better, J Dilla or Madlib?

Haha, I’ve actually got the perfect GIF for this and I don’t know if I can say one is better than the other, I do not have those rights. But I can, however, say that there IS only one king of beats, there IS only one Dilla. RIP.


Listen to Fernando’s tracks here –

Check out a video clip that feature his music here –

And he was recently featured on isupposeja, which is a label based in Joburg and run by Vox Portent.


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