The Myths are a Real Band

Just like Pinocchio but with drums and guitars.



Words by Bob Perfect


It feels like garage rock is becoming a bit of a thing in Durban. Hated Related recently put out a sick EP, Mouse are working on a few recordings, I heard Black Math have a vinyl release coming soon, and The Myths just put out the fuzz-laden ‘Floor Sauce EP’. Not exactly a trend, but 4 underground bands swimming in the same genre pool and releasing music in quick succession, probably hasn’t happened since punk and hardcore were a thing. We’ll have an article on garage rock in Durban soon, but today is all about The Myths and their debut release.


At time of writing, The Myths only have 268 likes on their FB so you probably haven’t heard of them. That’s on you though ’cause the duo have been gigging everywhere and anywhere as often as they can in a city with, like, 3 venues. Anytime I put up an event for a gig I’ve organised, they’re in my DMs asking for a slot. They’re hungry to play and that hunger has helped them move from a band that I thought was always just behind the other bands mentioned, to neck and neck and in their own lane within the genre.


The first thing you’ll notice when you click play on ‘Floor Sauce’ is that The Myths are influenced by Black Math, but that’s never a bad thing. They manage to hit that sweet spot of washed out chords and rip-roaring break downs that feels like a modern interpretation of the best parts of 70s rock. It’s pysch-tinged garage rock that comes from growing up on the likes of Nirvana, Hendrix and The White Stripes, then getting into the really cool shit like Electric Wizard and Fuzz. This is a fucking impressive first release and is an indication that The Myths have become a “real band” and are no longer just 2 dudes jamming together. Also, there’s a part in ‘Magic Rats’ that reminds me of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Take a Look Around’, so, naturally, I’m a fan. Floor Sauce is 4 tracks of righteous rock music from one of Durban’s hardest working up-and-coming bands. Give it a listen and then catch them live to see just how real they are.



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