It’s Funny How ByLwansta is the DIY King

Think about it for a minute now.



Words by Bob Perfect


Man, ByLwansta is so dope. The 21 year old rapper, designer and filmmaker is basically a one man record label. In the last two years, the cat has independently put out multiple music videos, a short film, a SA Hip-Hop Awards nominated mixtape, another hella good mixtape that’ll nab him a few awards (if there’s any justice in this cruel world), set up his own website, designed and put out merch, and has now put together a lyric video for his latest single, Funny How, which features Saida on the hook. All of this mostly on his ace. The guy is the model for hustling right now.


In Funny How, ByLwansta mulls over life since he moved to Durban from Kokstad, and openly speaks about his struggles with anxiety and finding his place in this city.  ByLwansta’s lyrics posses a sincerity to them and are relatable to a generation that’s suffering from the post-apartheid hangover. While ByLwansta isn’t exactly a political rapper, the politics of life in this country come through in his honest glimpse into the life of “an emotional black maille// From Kokstad born, in a world designed to make blacks fail// But he was never the blackest of these boys// Nor did he give single motherfuck if he was considered a cheese boy.”


We won’t harp on about how dope ByLwansta is any longer, we’ve got an interview with him coming out next week so you can get to know him in his own words then. For now though, get acquainted with the DIY king with the video below.


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