The Dead Trends are Full of Life

The Dead Trends pop sensibilities betray their age on their debut EP.




The last month has been rather remarkable for EP releases in Durban. Hated Related, Clara T and ByLwansta (write up coming soon) have all put out fantastic releases, and now The Dead Trends have kept that trend alive with the aptly named ‘Melancholic Melodies’.


I first heard The Dead Trends a few months ago when they applied to play at Outland. They had 2 tracks on Soundcloud which reminded me of The Promise Ring (Not Purity Ring, very different), one of my favourite emo bands of all time, so naturally I was a fan. With this EP though, they’ve expanded their sound and it seems like they’ve drawn influence from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club internationally, and ISO locally. While James Chandler’s vocals don’t quite reach the notes that Richard from ISO does, the youngster’s silky smooth voice is still pure swoon material.


If The Dead Trends were around in my days of trying to win girls over with mixtapes, each song on this EP would have found it’s way on to numerous burnt cds. They draw from the best parts of emo and indie with pop sensibilities that betray their age. Sure, they’re not reinventing the wheel with this release, but the rims sure are pretty. Melancholic Melodies is full of life and young sentimentality. For those into the gentler side of music, this EP will hit the sweet spot.


Keep an eye on The Dead Trends over the next few years, I have a feeling you’ll be hearing them a lot. Stream the EP below or check it out on iTunes, then let us know what you think in the comments below.



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