Clara-T Is Fresh Doe

Clara-T’s latest EP is baked to perfection.




The first time we heard Clara-T, we set up an interview the very next week. We just had to know who this young lioness spitting fire was. 3 years later, that fire has only gotten hotter. After winning the award for KZN’s best lyricist at last year’s Original Material Awards, Clara-T has followed up this year with a video for ‘The City’, a dark ode to the 031 where she takes aim at the current queens of the game, and last weak put out the ‘It’s Fresh Doe!!!’ EP, which does indeed sound like it’s been baked to perfection.


In ‘The City’, Clara laments on how tough Durban can be and makes the claim that if she was from anywhere else, she’d be one of the queen’s of SA rap, we’re inclined to agree.

“Rapping from bar to bar getting stronger on every line/
From picking up all the slacking from rappers who claim to rhyme/
This goes to Nadia, Gigi, and maybe even Fifi/
lengwanyana ole oy’pitsang le hippie/
Things would be different if it was me in your city…”

The video has been out for a minute but if you haven’t come across it yet in your online travels, you should check it out now.



As you’ll hear with ‘It’s Fresh Doe!!!’, Clara has clearly been studying at the school of Kendrick and Chance with a dope mix of playfulness, bragadociousness and some real shit. Clara-T is confident and comfortable on a wide range of beats, delivering tight rhymes and switching her cadence and flow on expert mode. It was originally meant to be a 4 track collaboration between Clara, Drop XVI Africa and TicToc Music, but the creative juices kept flowing and they managed to put together the 7 tracks you’re about to hear.

Each song is under 2:30, with most not even breaking the 2 minute mark. It’s rare for a hip-hop EP but you should consider this EP a tray of canapés – a selection of tasty treats to keep you full until the main course. We’re not sure when Clara-T will be releasing a full album, but we’re ready for it. Until then, ‘It’s Fresh Doe!!!’ will have to satisfy our hunger for for Clara-T.



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  1. Alz says:

    who wrote dis? dope article. words or weapons is a favorite on her EP

  2. Radmin says:

    Twas I, Bob.
    If there’s no mention of a writer, it’s me.

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