Moment of Truth 2015

Sthembelo Dlamini gives us a rundown of one of the biggest events in the Durban hip-hop calendar.



 “It’s such a beautiful day for some hip-hop.” is something that you don’t hear very often but the 8th annual Moment Of Truth was exactly that and more. Dudes were swagged out to the max, ladies were looking extra fly and it was only 1 in the afternoon, bruh. I had never heard of this event in my life and it’s supposed to be the Christmas day for Kasi hip-hop heads from all the townships in and around Durban. Ayanda Makukule, a respected rapper himself, played the Malum’ Christmas role very well by handing out sponsored merch and kicking the event off by acknowledging the sponsors and thanking everyone who traveled from all over the city to hang out with him for another year.

For my very first big event as a big shot blog writer, I told myself I would keep it professional, you know, ask informative questions, interview some aspiring artists, keep a straight face all day.  All of that shit flew out the door when I heard a young homie beat boxing 5 different sounds at the same time. I turned into a full blown groupie.

The first few performances were pretty mellow, a group from Clermont got some extra love from the Pinetown crowd (for obvious geographical reasons) but it wasn’t enough to overcome their nerves and they had a couple stumbles during their performance. The designated MC kept it moving swiftly through some mundane and nervous performances until one particular chap grabbed the mic clean from his hands and owned that entire hall. I’m talking about jumping off the stage and doing a full lap between the crowd and hyping up everyone in his path while flawlessly executing his own rendition of KO’s ‘No Fear’. After this gent’s spirited performance, the bar was definitely raised and the following rappers brought mad energy to that poor li’l mic.

I’d like to apologise for not mentioning specific names of artists because there were just so many of them to keep up with. The idea of the day was that artists were basically given 4-5 minutes to do their thing to the best of their ability and that was it, the next dude comes on. We basically went through about 50 or so of the 100 scheduled performances, including one extra energetic performance from Durban’s favourite musical export, Okmalumkoolkat. What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Honestly, if you haven’t seen the Uncle live by now you should seriously rethink your ‘Game of Thrones’ habits because life is moving on out here without you son.

Legendary local MC, Zakwe also graced the stage a while after the cyphers – Apparently he speaks like he raps in person, it’s the weirdest thing dude but I actually wish I spoke like that. There’s something great about hearing vernac bars live that I just can’t explain in English, they’re just on another level of swag and so awesome to sing along to that it made the day well worth the 40 bucks we paid to get in. Yea that’s right, it was only 40 Mandelas for entrance! For over 50 performances, including 2 nationally recognizable acts, and some battle rapping happening in the parking lots, it was money well spent if you ask me and a perfect way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon with mates. You better join me next year.


*All images © Myllo Menorah

7 Responses to “Moment of Truth 2015”
  1. Kevin Goss-Ross says:

    Holy fuck. Those are some beautiful photographs.

  2. guy did says:

    amazing pics except for that logo on the bottom. so what was the name of the gig. where/when was it held?

  3. Caelin says:

    Yoh!!!! Those pics! ^so beautiful!!!

  4. Happy Lieto Malinga says:

    Everything was off the hook,can’t wait for next so Ayanda can do it again…………….hahah KITO with No Fear Remake,salute…..

  5. Matt_S says:

    10/10 photos.

  6. Da ZeeOLoGy says:

    Uuuh man had da best time of my life… and it was a great honour opening fo Okmalumcoolkat… Can’t wait for next year… Keep making us proud Ayanda Makukule bro, we see you.

  7. Sthembelo says:

    Thank you for reading and rersponding. All Photos were taken by the super talented Myllo Menorah, check out his page on Facebook..
    @guy The event is an annual called The Moment of Truth hosted by Ayanda Makukula. And its held at the Pinetown Civic Center.

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