5 Durban Rappers You Should Already Know

 New to Durban rap? Let Sthem fill you in on who you need to know.



Sometimes I really hate reading articles like this because the talented people always get left out, and the author always seems to group together a random list of his favourite rappers who sing one song he likes and then only one really good artist will make the cut. With this list I’ve tried to be as unemotional as humanly possible by using Soundcloud plays, Datafilehost downloads, Twitter followers, and Facebook Page likes as my primary criteria. Only the numbers count gentlemen.


Breeze (@Breeze_SA)



Aka The Trendsetter; this man is without a doubt the hardest worker in the scene. The man is literally everywhere doing everything at the same damn time. He’s been making moves for a while now and has constantly been spotted around the city moving in the Dream Team’s circles. But don’t be mistaken though, the man has his own hustle and his own identity. Being a gifted vocalist and talented dancer, he was born for the limelight. And I nearly forgot to mention his vernac rhymes are right up there with the best in the whole game right now. Watch this young man blow up in a huge way in 2015




MX (@MXsouthafrica)



When I first heard this dude rap back in 2008, he was part of a collective called Niche Fam. The group is still highly respected in the local scene but we haven’t really heard much from them as a collective in a while. Hint hint nudge wink. That being said, MX has quietly continued to push his hustle in a big way.

I’ve always been a fan of the energy he brings to a track, and his swag and general level of cool is second to none. Being a professional graphic designer you already know creativity runs through his veins constantly.




Raheem Kemet (@RaheemKemet)



Ask anyone who’s in the loop to name their Durban top 5 and I guarantee that 90% of them will mention this man. An OG who’s been doing his thing in the since before some of us even entered high school, Raheem has used words to paint the most vivid pictures this city has ever seen… or heard rather. His general good nature and friendliness is rather deceiving because he’s undoubtedly the most beastly lyricist out of the 031 hands down. But his lyrical ability is not all he has at his arsenal. He’s also quite a talented vocalist with clear influences in old-school jazz, funk and RnB. He’s the type of artist that needs to be listened to carefully in order for you to really appreciate his craft. So if you’re a turn-up kid or looking for something to get you acting crazy, you best move right along. This is grown peoples music, son.




Aewon Wolf (@Aewonwolf)



I’ve never met this guy before but he’s the type of guy you don’t have to know personally to respect. His work speaks volumes upon volumes more than he would ever provide in an interview situation. And man alive there is a lot of it. Yo Aewon, if you’re reading this, when do you even sleep homie? His vids and pics on his Instagram suggests he gets about 2 hours of sleep a week and the rest of the time he’s turning up with or in studio making something to turn up to. Same goes for his Soundcloud page, there’s enough music on there to keep your Saturday afternoon shindig pumping for a while. Especially since all of his songs are so full of energy. Along with His longtime collaborator the hit-maker super producer, Sketchy Bongo, these two have created a sound that is party-centric/turn-up/ratchet from the first beat to the last word. His name is known in all three of the relevant SA cities and you should know it too. If you haven’t heard it by now, you definitely will before the year is over. Trust.




Witness The Funk (@WTF_DBN)



In a matter of months, these guys went from being relatively unknown to the most spoken about collective in the city. You simply cannot have a party these days without WTF’s name on the poster. This is all thanks to their track Nomusa which received plenty of radio play. The song is one of the best to come out of our humble city in recent memory, and if you are lucky enough to understand the lyrics, you’ll know hear exactly what happens in a party situation to a lot of us as guys (ask someone to translate it for you). Their work doesn’t stop there though, be sure to have a look at their Soundcloud page for more of their Gqom Trap sound we love them for.



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