Listen To Want Your Love By Fantasma

This song compels you to dance.



So this popped up like a month ago and then was put out again over the weekend as a free added track when you pre-order Fantasma’s upcoming debut album, Free Love. Since this week is very much Fantasma week for us – we’re involved in bringing them to The Winston Pub this Saturday – we naturally have to share the fantastically funky ‘Want Your Love’ with you. It features the vocals of two JHB sisters we know nothing about, Nandi and Nongoma, but Spoek says they feature a lot on the new album and we can’t wait to hear more of them. It’s also produced by Jumping Back Slash but features a smorgasbord of influence and genre mashing we’ve come to expect from Fantasma. Click play below and get your feet warmed up for the dance-fest that awaits you at The Winston this Saturday. Oh yeah, and pre-order ‘Free Love’ on Soundway records here, we’ve can’t wait to get our record on the ninth of March.

One more thing, read this short and sweet interview with Spoek Mathambo about the track on Okayafrica who are always on point.



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