Future Sound of Mzansi

Listen to two new mixes from Spoek Mathambo ahead of the release of his documentary, Future Sound of Mzansi.


Okay, be honest, how many of you had no clue that the prolific hustler and artist, Spoek Mathambo, is releasing a documentary about the current cultural and musical landscape in SA? Eish, that’s far too many of you. It’s chill though, you know now and you’ll get to see the film soon enough but for now, the ghostly one has put out two mixes of South African audio goodness for your enjoyment. If, like us, you struggle to keep up with all the wonderful sounds this country has on offer, it’s a great introduction to the young guns who are set to take over and they features a number of notable names, so you should be familiar with some of the songs. Let the next two hours of your life be filled with the sounds of Fantasma, Bateluer, BIG FKN GUN, Okmalumkoolkat, John Wizards, Jumping Back Slash, The Brother Moves On, BCUC, Petite Noir and so many more of Mzansi’s best. Oh, and you can download the second mix for free, best you do that.



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  1. Proud_of_Mzansi says:

    This is some good shit. Was not expecting this. Thanks for making my Monday 😉

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