A Day In Durban With Tam Burger

In the latest installment of A Day In Durban, we get our on-call fashionista Tamryn Burger to show us around The Bluff and the greener areas of heat city. Check out what you can do in a day for R150.



Saturday was a stunning day to be outdoors which is something that I love and made for an ideal day out in our wonderful city.

First stop was the Bluff, where I live.

The Bluff is full of eclectic people, from environmentalist to surfers and everyone in-between. We have some of the most beautiful beaches and it’s just 15 minutes from the city centre. We’re basically an island and no, no passport required. Come along and join me on my day in Durban…




(Open Tues-Sun 07h00-12h00; Anstey’s Beach Backpackers-entrance off Foreshore Road)


This awesome coffee shop is one of Bluffs secrets, if you love coffee and chilled vibes I highly recommend this place before or after a day on the beach, it’s located at Anstey’s beach backpackers. If you feel like a delicious breakfast before hitting the beach or after a surf/swim, they even have a vegan option which DJ Fuego was chuffed about. The café is family orientated and the staff is very friendly.

Tip: The famous BLUFF Hangover breakfast is an excellent cure for, as the name suggests a hangover!






(29°55’30”S 31°01’05”E)


There are a few cool flat areas to skateboard on the Bluff, by Cave Rock parking lot or right in front of Anstey’s beach.

Tip: Watch out for crazy ass drivers!




(29°57’17”S 30°01’05”E)


It was a glorious day until the weather changed drastically and the wind picked up, it felt like four seasons in one day but that did not destroy the mood because any day on the beach is a good day. We collected shells and swam in the sea.

Tip: Plan the tides right and there are some amazing rock pools to explore.







Herve at Marriot Gardens Bottle Store (Mon 12h00-18h30, Tue-Fri 10h00-19h00, Sat 09h00-17h00; 136 Cowey Road) has great advice when it comes to making a selection from their large range of craft beers and wine. He even matches you to the perfect wine for your price range.

On the way to Botanical Gardens, we wanted to get some rolls to feed the ducks. Bread Ahead (24hrs; 20 Cowey Road) has the freshest bread and sugary sweet treats and best of all it is now open 24/7.


Bot Gardens is popular for birthday celebrations or just a chilled out picnic with a bunch of your friends and it’s totally free. Feeding the ducks in the lake is encouraged (which we did). Musical festivals at Botanical Gardens have also become popular. Durbanites know how to chill and enjoy good music.

Tip: I’m not much of a beer drinker but I won’t say no to a craft beer, especially the cherry one, its sweet enough to drink and was very refreshing especially on a hot day. The Bot Gardens don’t allow alcohol but…



GREEN WITH ENVY (Now closed):

(Daily 07h30-16h30; 281 Vause Road)



Last up was Green With Envy, a little known hideaway near Musgrave. In the entrance there’s a pretty shop that leads into a nursery. The staff are super helpful and friendly and helped me pick out a little chilly plant for my future home made Durban curries. They have a playground for kids and for those who enjoy art there’s an art gallery next to the restaurant. Great for afternoon tea and freshly baked goods which are beautifully displayed on a table.




Heidi’s Café

Breakfast: R35

Cappuccino: R15

Tip: R8

Skating: Free

Beach: Free

Beer and Bot Gardens

Cherry Beer: R27

Rolls: R10

Bot Gardens: Free

Green with Envy

Chilli Plant: R30

Tea: R16

Tip: R4

Car Guard Tips: R5

Total: R150


In closing, it was a very fun, chilled day as most days in Durban are and I do hope you visit some of the above locations next time you’re stuck for something to do.


*All images © Caelin Roodt


Looking for for to do in the 031? Check out Skullboy’s Day in Durban and Fuego Heat’s

49 Responses to “A Day In Durban With Tam Burger”
  1. Tumblrific! says:

    A big resounding “Who cares?”
    Louis and Ryan do these types of pieces much better.
    Good luck Tam with your fashionista career, just keep tumblin.
    Thanks for the fluff piece DIY.
    Now I can wipe and get on with whatever it was I was doing.

  2. Vusumusi says:

    Treasure Beach is the best beach in Durban.

  3. Un-Yung says:

    Thanks Tam for a fresh and innocent take on our city. This made me smile. More ladies please, DIY.

  4. Tash says:

    Loved this! Great feature showing the more mellow side of things to do in Durban.
    Durban is for everyone – cool cats, not so cool cats – whoever whatever – everybody loves everybody – and that is what makes our city great.
    Thanks Tam – bring us more!

  5. Jen says:

    Ignore the shit, I enjoyed this! Keep blogging 🙂

  6. HateYou1-2 says:

    Next time interview someone with a personality.

  7. Matt says:

    @Tumblrific cant deny that it needs a bit of work and might not appeal to all but no need to be a dick

  8. Binx says:

    I thought that was rad Tambella! Sweet shots too. 🙂

  9. Janine says:

    Fantastic take on Durban and the Bluff. Love taking my kids to Bot gardens as it is cheap and safe for them to run around and be carefree. Great blogging

  10. Hayley says:

    Forget the haters Tam. Hater make us famous 😉

    This was brilliant

    So happy & carefree


  11. Rox says:

    Well done Tam!
    Amazing piece – the perfect chilled day in sunny Durbs!

    As for the people who seem to have nothing but negative opinions, why don’t you go find yourselves a personality!

    So proud of you Tam! <3

  12. xdoomx says:

    Cool to get some insight into what the girls dig doing. Obviously it’s gonna be different.
    Maybe some people only like dudes. That’s ok too.

  13. GinaC says:

    TamTam you glorious little human. Don’t let these poofy comments detour you ❤️

    Thanks for the heads up on “Green With Envy”


  14. I heart Bluff says:

    Awesome!! The Bluff is so underrated.

  15. THIS... says:

    Funny how all these females come out of the woodwork who are first time commentators.
    Must be Tam crying to her friends that she needs people to support her piece.

    How pathetic; much like this piece.

    Please don’t torture me like this again.


    Just remember:

    What ever I say goes

    You’re not everything

  16. Radmin says:

    Yo, THIS, maybe some people just have friends who support them.
    Clearly you don’t.

  17. THIS... says:

    I don’t need friends to support me when the general consensus is that its a shitty fluff piece.

    Nice try.

  18. Radmin says:

    We clearly have different definitions of “general consensus”, you’re in the minority here.

  19. Kat says:

    I really loved this. It’s makes the site well-rounded and it’s refreshing to not always have super-edgy-shock-value-ultra-wordsmithing shoved in your eyeballs. Not that I don’t love that stuff but I also love a change now and again.

    Was fresh. Well done and thanks to everyone. More please.

    (and a stink-eye to the haters who are so jaded they need three dildos up their bums to not feel bored. There’s beauty in simplicity and subtlety… and god knows we all need more of that. Say something nice or go (continue to) have a wank will ya? Or whatever it was you were doing.

  20. THIS... says:

    You can have one of my dildos if you want

  21. #smh says:

    Hey, cool spots.

    Thanks Tam.

    Now, to the dickholes who have left nasty comments:

    The internet is full of riveting and life-influencing content – the fact that you’re looking for that sort of stuff here proves that you’re completely fucking lost.

    (Sorry DIY, but it’s true – though Durbz may be ‘Heat City’, VICE and other major arts, culture, and news sources are where the heat’s at.)

    DIY aims to offer an insightful look at Durban and its culture – that’s pretty much it and that’s exactly what has been achieved in this post.

    Hey, there’s also the fact that you rejects can write DIY posts of your own – some content more along the lines of what you’d like to read. My guess is that you hate yourselves too much to even give a fuck though. Shame.

  22. Jesus says:

    Please, all of you shut the fuck up.
    This piece was shit – she is boring as fuck, on the internet, and more so in person.
    The only mildly interesting thing about her is her excruciatingly annoying laugh.
    Accept the fact that it was shit and stop supporting her just because she’s your ‘mate’

  23. Radmin says:

    Amazing. We publish long, in depth, brilliantly written and emotional articles that pontificate about life and culture that get six comments. We publish something simpler and “nice” that isn’t meant to be challenging and shows cool things to do in the city and it gets 22 comments.
    What do you really want?

  24. BAM says:

    Nice chill piece Tam. Serves as a nice reminder about the great places that Durban has to offer. Please continue posting!

  25. Ty says:

    Hey Jesus,

    What’s your real name?

    It’s easy to say hurtful things under an alias, but that’s cowardly man.

    Who are you?

  26. Thank fuck for humanity that not everyone’s vibe is about blunts and booze. This article caters for a certain demographic that the other two did not. The next one will hopefully get people that found this one shit amped.The fact that it’s mainly females commenting on this is probably because this appeals to them whereas sitting on the floor outside a shebeen in town doesn’t. So well done Tam. Regardless of this, if you dig throwing mud someone’s way just because they like doing different things to you then you’re pretty much a dickhole.

  27. Dayle says:

    All these haters, what is your day in durban like? Waking up and wanking cause you couldn’t even dream of getting a girl like Tam. Then taking a shit in a toilet which your poor mom(which happens to be the only person that loves you) has to clean, possibly catching another angst fueled wank. Then for the rest of the day you troll the internet because you have no friends that call you up and ask to hangout. And when night rolls round you continue to sit on your self loathing ass and watch a shitty series while shouting at your mom for food because you to lazy to get the fuck and make a difference in this world. I may not be an excellent writer but I can tell you that Tam is one the classiest young ladies in this city. So shut the fuck up

  28. Tarrr says:

    I enjoyed this! And yes I am a female, and yes Tam is my friend, but who the hell cares! Were you okes bullied in school or something? Is that why you use the internet and fake names to tune girls that are just having fun and are getting some attention? Well done Tam! You are awesome <3

  29. Palmtree says:

    To all you deekhead rejects who anonymously write such horrible comments, why don’t you man up and use your real name? I really liked this post, it’s nice to have a bit of a change every now and then. I realise that not everyone will enjoy this because maybe it’s not “hardcore” enough for you, but then at least be a decent enough human and give her some constructive criticism instead. It’ll only get better. I still enjoyed this, and Tamburger, I like you, please write some more posts for us! 🙂 xxxx

  30. balls says:

    Cute article.. But Durban looks mega boring

  31. Rai says:

    I liked this piece so much that I will feature it on my blog! Nice work 🙂

    I really like the fact that you visited Green With Envy, it’s really a beautiful place. Not many people know about it though, but now they do. My cousin was a chef/manager there.
    I especially like this piece for the photography. Durban is known for it’s beauty, and it can only be described through photographs.

    Bloggers these days talk way too much without having an actual point, much like the haters commenting here. This piece was to the point and funky! Next weekend I will have all these things on my agenda 🙂

  32. FarAway says:

    I like that you get different perspectives of what Durban can offer.

  33. Radmin says:

    For those looking for more cool things to do in Durban, here’s Skullboy and Fuego Heat’s days in Durban.

    Skullboy: http://durbanisyours.co.za/2013/10/a-day-in-durban-with-skullboy/
    Fuego: http://durbanisyours.co.za/2013/09/a-day-in-durban-with-fuego-heat/

    We’ll do plenty more with various personalities, sometimes you may like them, sometimes you may not, but you’ll almost definitely find a new spot to check out in this city or be reminded of a place you haven’t been to in ages. That’s the point of this series.

  34. Margaret says:

    I don’t think DIY should ever make the mistake of assuming their typical readers are the same as their typical commenters.

  35. Kath says:

    I just wanna go eat breakfast at Heidi’s Cafe and drink fruity beers with my friend who lives on the Bluff now 🙂 Kiff lil’ article, I like that it’s simple and factual with opening times and relevant stuff. Not everything on the internet has to be a Gonzo style muddle of how effing cool you are 24/7.

    Didja know if you go to the Chicken Shack on the Bluff there is a tiny whale museum, and in the whale museum there is a whale ear drum? It’s the size of both my fists together, ready to punch. True story…

  36. Bigmac says:

    Heidi’s Cafe is cool. I have had the pleasure of eating there. Go you will not regret it, I promise.

  37. THIS... says:

    Nope and Nope…

  38. mat says:

    Great piece for the girls – also on R150 don’t think this is such a bad day out.

    Also if any of you guys actually managed to read down you will discover one of Durbans hidden gems, not Treasure beach or Heidis cafe but goddamn Marriot Liquors… Best bottle store in town.. Herve is the man!

    Good Job Tam!

  39. IOIIOOIO says:

    DJ Fuego Heat says: “Regardless of this, if you dig throwing mud someone’s way just because they like doing different things to you then you’re pretty much a dickhole”

    Huh? So are you saying Bob is a dickhole?


    With that said, I couldn’t finish the article but I can see it would appeal to some people I know. It would be nice to see DIY branch out a little more.

  40. la femme says:

    im late to this thread but i needed to say this;

    its a great piece for the girls?
    why? because its boringly told, makes little sense [half way through and we have to head to glenwood AGAIN? is there nowhere to go for afternoon tea/ wine on the Bluff?] and costs more than it should?
    screw THAT backhanded compliment.
    give me R100. im a girl. from durban.
    ill fly back to my home city to prove its not as boring being a girl or being from durban as this piece makes it sound like it is.

    ps. if matt knight or louis or russell smith had turned this story in, you guys would have never published it as is. dont go easy on girls because theyre girls, or theyre your friends. there are plenty of lively, sassy, intelligent girls out there who would nail a piece on a day in durban with wit and aplomb. which is what you demand from your guy contributors, after all.

  41. Radmin says:

    Different strokes, different folks. And Green With Envy/Bot Gardens is in Musgrave/Overport…
    It’s not FOR girls, just by one, anyone can enjoy the spots in the piece and that’s the point, the different places people can enjoy in Durban.
    We’ve already had Louis do one, Rus is a regular writer and Matt is on our list, this is an on going series and the style of writing and places people go will be diverse, it’d be boring if it wasn’t.
    It’s not a boy vs girl thing, we’ve turned down pieces by both genders, this series is about opening people up to new things to do or reminding them of spots they may have forgotten and this piece did that well.

  42. Yorke Hunt says:

    Basically, what Radmin is saying is “We’re right. You’re wrong.”


  43. Yorke Hunt says:

    Maybe change the name of the site to “We Like To Think That Durban Is Ours”…

  44. Radmin says:

    Nah, we’re happy with it as is.

  45. Yorke Hunt says:

    White privilege all up in this bitch.

  46. Yorke Hunt says:

    Also, there is already a better DIY.



    Unoriginal poese! 🙂

  47. matt_theknight says:

    I do think we should give la femme R100 cos i’d dig to read about her day out.

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