You Should Listen To Clara-T

The internet is truly a beautiful tool. Never has it been easier to connect and discover new things, not just globally, but in your own city too. Last night we were sent a link to Clara-T’s mixtape and now we’re ashamed of ourselves for not having heard this law student. Just listen to her rap, a combination of Lauryn Hill and Angel Haze. She’s got bars. You can download the mixtape/E.P for free and we highly recommend that you do.



We’re going to try find out more about Clara-T but for now, you can follow her on Twitter.


5 Responses to “You Should Listen To Clara-T”
  1. Greg says:

    She’s so good! The american accent kinda sucks but there’s no denying she’s goy skill.
    Great find!

  2. Ozzie says:

    That press pic has some of the most generous “smart blur” retouching ever done in South Africa!
    Methinks she probably don’t need it.

    Dudes, how about schooling the haters from the other article and seeing about getting this chick on the books for a REAL Durban day show? I’m betting she could win over the Toya de Lazy massive, and gel nicely with the likes of K-Bomb, Hours etc

  3. Marcus says:

    So dope

  4. Zamantuli Ntuli says:

    Girl has grown. Never imagined her a rapper. Good voice, content is age appropriate. Am sure she will grow with her music. Well done Tsepi, am proud of you.

  5. oooh, I am liking Jazzin My Thoughts, she’s good, with the right branding, she could go very far.

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