We’re Having An Exhibition of Art ‘n Shit


Never scared to put our cocks on the line, our rag-tag team of contributors have been working tirelessly to put together an art exhibition for you, our adoring public, this Thursday at The Upstairs. We’ve teamed up with the cool cats at WorkingClass to bring you some Art ‘n Shit.

The cocks lining up for the chop belong to Stathi Kougianos, Luke Smith, Russell Grant, Alastair Laird, Grant PayneGareth Bargate, Kevin Goss-Ross, Skullboy and Humans of Durban. So ya, we’re not stressed, we know you’re going to schmaak.

We’ll provide you with some chow, just bring some cash for drinks and for buying shit-hot art that will look kief in your pozie. Pull in at about 6:30.

If you want to be the envy of all your Facebook friends, click attending and let ous know where you’ll be this Thursday

4 Responses to “We’re Having An Exhibition of Art ‘n Shit”
  1. saynotocapitals says:

    Can’t comment on Humans of Durban because I can’t find any info on the person behind the project, but there seems to be a major lack of female participation in the exhibition, and therefore with the blog. Not wanting to make any sarcastic comments but surely that’s a problem?

  2. Bob says:

    We’ve repeatedly asked for new contributors to DIY but very few people have put their hands up to join the team. It’s not intentional that we don’t have many females involved, it’s just the way it is at the moment. If anyone wants to get involved, they can contact us at [email protected]. It’s that simple.

  3. AnalogueGirl_ says:

    Is the art n shit still being exhibited for a bit or was it a one night only sort of thing?

  4. Bob says:

    It’s on for a couple weeks, can’t remember until when exactly, but you’ve got time.

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