Win Free Entry To PH Fat This Friday!

Girl, we love you so much (Jump mother fucker etc.), which is why we’re giving four of you free entry to PH Fat’s gig at Origin this Friday thanks to Uber Cool.


There’s no chance you haven’t heard of these dudes before, so it’d be redundant to talk them up to you. You know they destroy the Engine Room every time they’re here and you know you wanna go, preferably for free.


“How do we win?” you ask. Well, it’s pretty damn easy, just leave a comment below telling us which animal you would be if you had to get down like one. Give a kief reason why and you could be one of the four people hitting up Ories for free on Friday.

Competition closes at midday on Friday 1st of February and winners will be contacted by email so please use your correct email address and check it on Friday afternoon. 


Oh, and here’s a video for Kill The Universe to get you pumped.



15 Responses to “Win Free Entry To PH Fat This Friday!”
  1. I’d have to go with a gorilla! What’s better than a gorilla breaking it down, getting dirty, rocking shades and glow sticks with a bunch of hoes!? Nothin’ that’s right!

  2. Daniel says:

    If I was an animal, I’d have to be a lion. Lionesses are insatiable nymphomaniacs, and demand sex up to 150 times a day for five days straight. Also, I’d get to amble along the savannah pretending I was in The Lion King or someshit.

  3. A Barnacle

    They have the biggest penis relative to body size out of any animal (other than yours truly). When there dicks come out they sort of just have a go with all the females in the area.

  4. Greg says:

    I’d have to go as a kangaroo, because I know I’m going to be jumping when PH fat starts laying down some sick ass beats in the engine room. And let’s be honest, everyone loves kangaroos

  5. Mishan says:

    A Giraffe

    Cos I will always look the HIGHEST and the COOLEST…

  6. Amy says:

    I’d definitely get down like a Koala. Those guys are permanently blazed on eucalyptus, they do whatever they want and nobody messes with them. And they’re cute as hell.

  7. Wok says:

    A bull, period.

    Everyone knows the story of the young bull and the old bull looking down at all the cows in the fields below.

  8. Martin says:

    A sloth.

    Who is more chilled than a sloth!? When it comes down to the boogieing, I’d be swinging my manky sloth claws like a deranged monkey man.

  9. Ash says:

    I will most definitely be getting down like a hippo. So that the people around me can learn to stomp properly… Feel those vibrations if you know what I mean 😛 and I’ll be shaking up the whole dancefloor with my jumps, which is pretty cool.

  10. B'lizzard says:

    angler fish.
    1. own light source (useful for finding cash, cigarettes, dropped pills, etc.)
    2. men that dance too close fuse to me and I steal their balls.
    3. spacious, light-filled, dance space free of creeps is thus created
    “yeah, that’s right…I’m here to fuck shit up”. anglers know how to party, yo.

  11. ahno says:

    Homosapien – purely cause which animal has
    been throwing it down the hardest for the last
    100 years. Either that or Loopy.

  12. Jesus says:

    Fuck its friday give me the ticket

  13. Tyler says:

    I’d be a Gecko creeping around the show, sticking to the walls, giving people funny looks, fingertips dripping sticky lipgloss, antelope barking on the floor when I walk past…
    That or a parrot that has had PH Fat playing in it’s cage since birth.

  14. Candice Schofield says:

    If I could be an animal, I’d have to be something super cool and fresh! Something that LOVES to party and get down and dirty by tapping its little feet to the beat of any good tune. There is no better animal than the cute little pinguin from happy feet. By dancing so hard, that guy saved his own kind. *AWEH*

  15. Wok should win.

    There is no reason I’d ever want to be a bull period. Even for free tickets to Origin.

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