Taxi Violence, Relationship Sex and Poppers

DJ Fuego Heat kicks the year off by catching new comers The Pie Keys, stalwarts City Bowl Mizers and visitors Taxi Violence at Live. It’s mostly posi. Mostly. And there’s talk of sex and poppers.



“Can you cover the gig tomorrow night? We have no one else to do it”. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the charm of Bob Perfect, and how Saturday night saw me heading to Live to check out The Pie Keys, City Bowl Mizers and Taxi Violence.

Taxi Violence are the poppers of the whole rock ‘n roll revival thing that is happening at the moment.

The Pie Keys were described to me as the gypsier side of Fruit and Veggies with no vocalist. I read “gyspy” as “drunk” and “no vocalist” as “music I put on in the background while I do something else”. So, beer in hand, I prepared for what I expected to be drunks falling over the stage playing music I didn’t care about. But against all odds, they impressed. Maybe it’s being part of increasingly popular Fruit and Veggies that has given these Winstonians the guise of professionalism, but quality songs delivered with conviction made the fact that three of the band members were seated not really matter. And as far as genres go? Exactly what you would expect from the gypsier side of Fruit and Veggies with no vocalist. (Oh, did I mention the band includes Lappies of DIY comment section/Live fame? Oddly, the only thing I can say about his performance was that it was really good, and gave the band a fuller sound that they seemed to be lacking in the big venue for some of their earlier drum-free songs.)



Moving on.
When you first hook up with a girl you have a lot of sex. You’re going at it three times a day, having the time of your life. However, slowly the constant supply of sex makes you take it for granted as casual slips into committed. Three times a day becomes three times a week. The game stats start dropping. You start losing interest and your libido drops. Then, all of a sudden…Bam! With renewed vigour you’re ploughing it home every given chance. Such has my relationship with the City Bowl Mizers been. After gracing many shows sporting a chubby for the upcoming auditory copulation, my enthusiasm started to wane. I had a headache. It was late. I needed to wash the dishes. The freezer needed defrosting. All reasonable excuses for not going to a City Bowl gig. Maybe it was the addition of Steve Jones but, like coming home to find your stekkie strewn across the bed in some new lingerie and ready to experiment, my passion was reignited. Yes, the music may be a tad formulaic but I can live with it when it makes me feel like a 60’s housewife hoovering away with my curlers in to the soundtrack of a summer spent waiting for Jimmy to pick me up in his pink Cadillac and take me to surf the break down South Callie way. I literally do not know what that means and have never done a single one of those things but that’s how their performance on Saturday made me feel and that is a good thing (If anyone claims that they’ve dated a girl for as long as CBM have been around and has had high quantities of sex the entire time, I’m calling bullshit).



The last time I saw Taxi Violence was during a strange time in my life. I wore 3/4’s that were actually more like 4/5’s, travelled to watch bands like 16 Stitch and The Narrow and had friends that downloaded the latest Deftones album for me. It was the era of Nu metal and I was a fool (some may argue that I still am). That was the mind frame I started their gig in, expecting a blast from the past. I’m happy to say that they weren’t nu metal but that’s where the pleasant surprises ended. 30 seconds into the first song I was smiling. This is ballsy gritty blues rock. And then after 30 seconds I realised it was all just a lie and the smile warped into a grimace. In retrospect, the fact that the front man looked like Francois van Coke (coke bloat included) should have been a clear indication that this band was contrived as fuck.  Taxi Violence are the poppers of the whole rock ‘n roll revival thing that is happening at the moment. Yes, poppers are a drug. Yes, poppers get you a little bit fucked up. Hell, to outsiders, poppers may even seem a bit dangerous. But in the end you are just huffing thinners that also happen to loosen your asshole and you wouldn’t really talk it up to a crack addict. Cape Town, when you have bands like The Great Apes why did you have to send us Taxi Violence? (If anyone sees this article as some Durban pride thing, fuck you, I call it as I see it).



*All images © Russell Grant


13 Responses to “Taxi Violence, Relationship Sex and Poppers”
  1. Daisy says:

    I love your descriptions.

  2. Typical says:

    Typical DIy bullshit. Pathetic attempt bring down one of the best bands in the country. You didn’t even describe anything, just made lame references to sound funby.

  3. xdoomx says:

    Not bringing them down but Taxi Violence were not great in my personal opinion.
    Positives: they played their instruments well, very tight and polished, I like the guitar tone a lot and it seemed effortless the way that guy played.
    Negi vibes: Vocalist pirouetting was a bit weird and ghey, but he sang alright. He reminded me a little of Daniel Bedingfield’s performance at Live awhile back. This was the first time I had seen them since hearing 5 years ago that they were ‘the best live band in the country’ – they definitely are not that.
    They’re ‘good’ in a very commercial MOTR rock band way, something ECR would happily play.

  4. toffee says:

    This is absolute nonsense….. DIY just keeps going further down a clogged shitter

  5. Bob says:

    If the shitter is clogged, nothing would go down it. Idiot.

  6. N says:

    Taxi Violence are a bland band.

  7. City Bowl Mizers says:

    Best. Description. Ever.

    Shot Fuego, we hope every gig from now on is as rad for us as it was on that night.
    We really enjoyed our set, even more so than usual.
    I guess it’s 2013’s posi vibe that has us so motivated.

    Looking forward to jizzing on you again. Even if you have a headache.

  8. Erm says:

    Taxi Violence are rubbish, so bland. And what kind of 30-something man uses a fucking hair straightener?!

  9. Erm says:

    Also, sorry to say the Great Apes aren’t playing anymore. bummer.

  10. krokodil says:

    the great apes are fucking dead.

  11. Alexander says:

    Cringed a couple times during Taxi Violence. City Bowl Mizers were great as usual though.

  12. TheLappies says:

    Aaaaaaawwwww thanks guys…

  13. Mitchell says:

    I’m new to DIY but I dug the article. Smashing ol’ chap

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