City Bowl Mizers – Growing Old | Music Video

The following video is apparently real footage of what the City Bowl Mizers claim to be “The Missing Link.” Apparently The Missing Link is an alcoholic, stoner, skater, surfer and all around menace to society. We like him.


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5 Responses to “City Bowl Mizers – Growing Old | Music Video”
  1. Gary Marais says:

    Best parts 1: that buddy bottle bong
    2: bob getting a balloon of piss to the face
    Sweetest video ever

  2. jords says:

    awesome video… entertaining

  3. Alastair says:

    It just gets better.

  4. TheLappies says:

    Killer vid…

  5. Akona says:

    fantastic guys….awesome video,well done 🙂

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