Adam Dore

Making a living as an actor in Durban is probably right up there with making a living as a heater salesman here. It’s certainly not easy, but Adam Dore has managed to etch out a living doing what he loves which is why we decided to have a chat with him about theatre in Durban and eating tinned beans for dinner.


DIY: Who is Adam Dore?

Adam: He is a guy who lives in Durban and digs making a living by doing the acting and not having time for haters.

 I’m also not too concerned with being Hollywood famous; I more want to make a living out of doing something I dig.

DIY: How exactly have you managed to carve a career out of acting in Durban? Has the journey been easy? Have you had to suck any corporate dick to make rent?

Adam: It hasn’t been an exact process by any means. I don’t think it ever can be. You just have to keep going, be willing to make sacrifices and commit your damn self. Has the journey been easy? Easy is not the first word to spring to mind. Exciting, fleeting, desperate, frustrating, rad yes. Easy, no. Have you had to suck any corporate dick to make rent? Haha! Find me one person who hasn’t at least nibbled the tip.



DIY: What has made you stay in this city as opposed to going overseas & trying to make it ’big’ over there? What traits do budding actors need to have before they make the decision to choose the stage as their vocation?

Adam: Well I started getting a couple of paying gigs right outta school and continued to work all the way through varsity, so by the time I had finished my studies I already knew a few people in the industry and had a bit of a foot in the door, so to speak. I suppose it was also a case of being a small fish in a relatively small pond as opposed to a small fish in a gigantic ocean. I’m also not too concerned with being Hollywood famous; I more want to make a living out of doing something I dig. What traits do budding actors need to have before they make the decision to choose the stage as their vocation? A love of tinned beans and driving old cars.



DIY: People typically associate acting with Hollywood. Is that type of stage and scale something you’re aiming for? Do you think all actors aim for it? Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years time?

Adam: That does generally seem to be the benchmark for most people. But a lot of Hollywood actors are really crap so I don’t think you should necessarily aspire to that. I mean reach for the dream yes, but there’s a lot more deviant shenanigans that generally go into becoming a Hollywood starlet than actually being a good actor. To be honest I have no idea where I’m going to be in five years time. I’ve studied too much for it to be useful, done soulless promotional work, jockeyed a desk, started a small production company and I’ve been putting off travelling for far too long that the bug has now got its teeth firmly sunken in. Heck, you might find me in a shack on the shores of Costa Rica, sipping moonshine and collecting string.



DIY: You have formed an alliance with fellow actors Marc Kay and Clinton Small to form “The Actors Unemployed Company”. What was the thinking behind joining forces & forming a company? Does it look better on paper or is it more about pooling your resources together so that a holistic service is offered?

Adam: It was mainly because we got tired of waiting around for someone to hire us. Also, we’ve all done some pretty heinous jobs in the past and by having our own company we can put on shows that we want to and that we’ll have a good time doing. And ja I suppose it’s also about pooling our skills and resources; Marc uses his sexy and I my savvy to do more of the artistic direction and company admin respectively, and Clint drops bombs with his mad acting skills. Things have been generally good with the AUC despite obviously going through peaks and troughs. At this year’s Durban Theatre Awards we did pretty well and got three nominations: Marc for Best New Script for “Birdman”, myself for Best Solo Performance in “Birdman” and myself for Best Comedic Performance Male in “Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr”. We even managed to pick up a win when I was awarded the Best Solo Performance accolade. So yes very stoked, despite often performing the show only for my girlfriend, the lighting guy and a couple of curious cockroaches, totally worth it.



DIY: What is the one issue in the Durban acting scene that you think needs to be resolved ASAP?

Adam: Despite the Durban theatre industry being pretty small, it’s fractured and ‘clique-y’. People don’t seem very willing or keen to share ideas and resources. There isn’t a spirit of fostering new creations and talents. Some have funding and facilities but don’t seem too bothered with utilising them or enabling others, whereas others have the creativity and drive but no backing. I really hope that everyone in the industry can try to be more supportive and cooperative so as to uplift the creative and arts industry as a whole and foster a culture where there’s a higher standard of both quality and appreciation.



DIY: You are currently performing in Beauty And The Beast at The Sneddon, how’s it going? Good December crowds? Can you give us a quick rundown of how a typical day goes for you?*

Adam: Yeah the show’s been really well supported hey. I think it’s everybody’s one big theatre excursion for the year. So at least they’re out there. Well the kiff thing with doing what I do is that no day is typical; you might get into a bit of a rhythm for a little while but there’s always a new show to prepare, new lines to learn, new whisky to drink and tryna find new ways of paying rent. At the moment the show’s pretty draining with all the flash costumes I gotta rock and the fly dance moves I bust out, so it’s lots of energade drinking and vitamin popping for me. And of course Christmas time means family, pressies and eating!



DIY: Which is your favourite theatre to perform in in Durban?

Adam: Working in the Sneddon is always great because it’s such a versatile space and it’s really well equipped and run. I’ve done everything from low budget to big budget, varsity to professional and dance to drama in that space so it’s really cool. A little ember of affection is growing for the chapel turned theatre at my old alma mater however. We had a great little run of Compleat Wrks at the Seabrookes Theatre and Colin who runs it is really welcoming and helpful. We are definitely looking at putting a few more shows in at the Seabrookes at DHS in 2013.



DIY: What have you got in store for 2013?

Adam: Hopefully gonna be kicking off the year doing a bit of writing for a new local film which the guys who I did “White Gold” with are putting together. Then into a nice chunk of school runs with the Shakespeare staple for a while. We’re really hoping to get everything in gear to make a big run of “Birdman” down at the Grahamstown Arts Festival in 2013 and hopefully get some mileage out of our DTA noms and award. Definitely gonna be throwing around a few AUC shows in 2013 so look out for them primarily at the Seabrookes I’m thinking. And I’ve just managed to buy a newer car so there’s most definitely gonna be lots of tinned bean eating for me in 2013. Stoked.


*As you can probably tell, we asked Adam these questions in December but decided to hold the interview until holidays were over.

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