Vote DIY! Or Die!

Okay, we’re not gonna actually kill you. But it would be rather nice of you to vote for us to win the Super M Blogger Comp which will see Bob and Nick kicking it to Ibiza to bring you the greatest story ever written. Or at the very least, it’ll be pretty good, hopefully. We’re up against some of the biggest blogs in the country and while they have a lot of followers, this is Durban, we don’t follow, we team up and kick ass.


It’s a David vs 6 Goliaths situation, but the Goliaths are too busy reposting press releases to notice David’s cronies (that’s you lot…) sneaking up behind them and cutting their¬†Achilles with pliers. Lets hobble these over branded mouth pieces and show them that real recognise real. We need you to head on over here¬†and vote for us. As you can see, we’re clearly the best blog for the job, those other betties and ous are still partying on rookie while we literally wrote wrote the guide to partying on expert.


As a thank you we’re throwing a party tonight at Jackie Horner, for free. With mad drink specials and a couple freebies thrown in for good measure. Pull in and help us train for Ibiza, but first, please vote.





2 Responses to “Vote DIY! Or Die!”
  1. AnalogueGirl_ says:

    Now you must know how much I dig this blog, because I had to log into one of those fucking app things on Facebook in order to vote. I do not ever use those fucking things. Just so you know.

    Also: I clicked that vote button next to DIY about twenty times…I do hope that it worked to secure extra votes.

    In addition: I look forward to getting a snake bite in the face later.

  2. AnalogueGirl_ says:

    Plus: the free shit better be rad and abundant, because nobody likes a half-hearted thank you.

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