Humans of Durban

This month HOD headed down to South Beach where they were given Hare Krishna pamphlets by a Jewish Muslim, talked up at the local bar, and confused the crap out of the Tafta residents. Enjoy.


“I live at Tafta. Are you Paula from Tafta? You look like Paula. Go take someone else’s picture.”

“My family is in Malawi. I send them money every month. Hopefully I will visit them in January”

“I get my inspiration from Italian TV”

“We’re all homies here.”

“I’m not going to lie, I’ve been involved in drugs and it’s led me to being on the street. But I’ve been clean two weeks now, and reading the Bible helps me focus on something else.”


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  1. casey says:

    my hood gets fifteen minutes. it deserves more.

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