Win Free Entry To The Brother Moves On!


One of the most talked about bands of the year, The Brother Moves On, are finally making their way to the 031 to launch their ETA EP. They’ll be jamming at Live with Car Boot Vendors and Fruits & Veggies this Friday in what is set to be an eclectic cracker of a gig. You can give ETA a listen here and even buy a digital copy or wait until Friday to pick up a physical copy at the show. The Brother Moves On are a collective of ever changing musicians and from what we’ve heard, they deliver a memorable set each time they get on stage.


You can meet them and get a feel for their vibe in the video below



Now that you know why you want to be at this show, we’re giving you the means to do so. The Brother Moves On have hooked us up with four tickets to give away to deserving Durbanites.

To win, tell us in the comment section below, who do you think would make the best brother and why? Living or dead, real or imaginary, it doesn’t matter, who would you be stoked to call your bro?

It’s that easy. Competition closes at Midnight on Thursday the 15th of November and winners will be contacted on Friday the 16th. Please use your correct email address so we can contact you if you win. Kief.


Photo Greg Marinovich


Give The Brother Moves On a like if you’re into that sort of thing and if you want to know more about the event or just wanna click attending so your friends think you’re cooler, you can find out full details for the event here.

12 Responses to “Win Free Entry To The Brother Moves On!”
  1. Jamey Harrison says:

    It would most definitely be Ulysses the flying unicorn, he’s father is a proud Pegasus and mother a magical Unicorn. He farts glitter and pee’s rainbows. I jump aboard with my imaginary shiny sword, our journey’s- never flawed. He’s the bestest bro, will take me wherever I wish to go… so please give us free tickets to The Brother moves on, rocking show.

  2. Cain says:

    I used to have brother but I didn’t keep him. He moved on to the afterlife.

  3. Matthew says:

    The best brother for me is the brother I can see
    He’d walk fast and wipe my willy when i wee

    He wouldn’t need a name, I could just call him ‘bro’
    He’d max all the betties and bring home the ho’s

    My brother wouldn’t eat all my food or hog the computer
    He’d play games with me all day after setting up the router

    These things and so many more my brother would be lank
    He’d be MINE ALL MINE and I’d name him Frank

  4. Candice says:

    I’m pretty happy with my existing brother so I reckon I’d probably choose the same one again if given the choice.

  5. Tahila says:

    Besides my dope-ass, nomad, hippie brother, I reckon I’d like Rohan Marley(Bob Marley’s son) to be my bro. Why? Because he is/was married to Lauryn Hill, and LAURYN HILL, is a celestial genius. A goddess. SIMPHIWE from TBMO would also make a dope bro, i reckon. (most Drummers/Percussionists live til their 80’s, so ja. BooM!!)

  6. A*star says:

    I think Sylvester Stallone would make the best brother because he’s the real chuck norris. Oh, and he could double up as my lover if society didn’t frown upon it. We are choosing an adopted brother, right?…. Right?

  7. If I win I will find someone on Friday night to make my brother……To creepy??

  8. Loose says:

    The best brother to me, would be a very rich one who works in a pharmacy and also have the authority to write out precriptions. Its pretty straight forward – this bother would dig to get loose and would take me along to all these jols and of course pay for my entrance so I could stop making a fucking idiot of myself trying to write something witty to win free entrance to events. He would also have a nice collection of prescription treats that most people struggle to get hold of and distribute them freely.
    Then of course he would be able to pay for a rad hangover tequila breakfast in the morning. And then do the same thing all over again the next night. But untill then, I’m pretty fucked financially and I really want to go to this gig. Please help me out ous?

  9. barfly says:

    I would choose Hitler so I could kill the bastard and change history.

  10. Ray says:

    My brother would be a curly headed fuck named Brennan, we’d do so many activities including karate in the garage, putting liquid paper on bees, looking at tittie mags in treehouses and yachting. Boats ‘n ho’s bitches.

  11. Woogy says:

    Jesus would make the best brother. I cant imagine anything better than having a family member that can turn water into wine. PERMANENT PARTY WITH J MONEY!

  12. Mick says:

    Jim Morrison as a centaur with wings made of sausage and old, sticky candy floss.
    He would smell of chai tea.

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