Win A Trip To Ibiza With Super M!

Yeah, you read right. Ibiza. You know, party capital of the world? And yup, it’s Super M that’ll be sending you there. Not just a delicious flavoured milk are they?



So here’s the vibe. Super M have put us up against some of SA’s best blogs to get our debaucherous asses to the world’s den of inequity and good times so we can have the honour of covering Ibiza Rocks 2013. Here’s the best bit, we get to take one of you with us, for four nights. ALL. EXPENSES. PAID. Flights, accommodation and spending cash included.




Here’s a video of this year’s Ibiza Rocks to whet your appetite for uninhibited revelry.



Wild ne?


“Okay Bob, you had us at ‘Ibiza’. Quit your gushing and hit us with the details!”


Here’s how you, and we, win:

We need you to hit up Super M here and tune them in under 500 characters why DIY are the right blog for the job of covering a party that wild. You can say stuff like “DURBAN RULZ, CAPE TOWN/JOBURG DROOLZ” or “I wanna see Bob OD.” Just take the creativity you display in our comment section to their Facebook page and have fun with it. We’ll be picking only one of you on Wednesday the 28th of November to join us in our battle to the death against the other blogs. Once we’ve picked which one of you is the coolest (Rookies need not apply), the audience then decides which team gets to tear Ibiza apart. It’s a well known fact that Durbanites party the hardest and live for the sunrise (Chip and Ranch), now we want to take our partying steez to the grandest stage of them all and show the world the heat that bunny chow and constant sunshine produces.


So that’s it. All you have to do is spread the 031 love and you could be one of the people below next year thanks to Super M.

Go on then…

6 Responses to “Win A Trip To Ibiza With Super M!”
  1. Nick says:

    Fuck it. Why not?

  2. malcolm.skene says:

    pick meeeee, i come from durban, i want to go play in ibiza, lets go make a story about arriving in ibiza for free and tryna get gigs in all the big clubs and try throw some name. pleeeeaaase.

  3. ASH MAN says:

    i party!!! enough said….

  4. Sheeny Weeny says:

    Uhm, whatkind, how you can have a jol with Super M? You can’t even use it as a mixer.
    Looks like Bob’s gonna be sugar-rushing his tits off in Ibiza with his Super M drinking games.

  5. Bob says:

    Instead of White Russians, you can have Pink/Brown/Yellow/Green/Blue Russians. Vodka mixes with anything!

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