TrollBot must have been playing with his Grant Payne voodoo doll last month since G-Payne was man down for most of it. No worries though, he still managed to get a couple choice images to share with you in this month’s Payne.



Check out last month’s Payne for more filth and drive by shootings and give Grant a like on Facebook if you dig his work. If you don’t, feel free to tell us how much you don’t in the comment section below.

11 Responses to “Payne”
  1. MitchHATE says:

    that photo of Feugo, beautiful!

  2. luke says:

    ZOMG. y NO fokus?

  3. luke says:

    that old lady with the umbrella is amazing. i reckon even your hero, liam lynch, would like it.

  4. skullboooooooi says:

    Totally on fucking point as per usual!

  5. Jem says:

    Nice stirrups on those leggings, Louis.

  6. Shit and average, very generic

  7. Jut says:

    wow you really capture “life”. fucken joking!

  8. luca says:

    would have dug some of Paynes thoughts, views re his pics.
    give us some insight, stories…..fuck anything!
    hit us with some Payne!

  9. DJ Fuego Heat says:

    I like how you worked the angles and light and stuff make my gut look huge.

  10. Pascal says:

    Yeah Fuego you look real fat. Fat vegan. kekekekekekekeke

  11. Samora says:

    I love your work Mr G Payne

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