Humans of Durban

It’s the third installment of the increasingly popular Humans Of Durban and this time the shutterbug takes an afternoon walk around town. Meet some matric pupils, a Tanzanian with awesome fashion sense, a witness for Jehovah and more interesting Durban humans below.

I am a witness for Jehovah

I am from Tanzania, when you there – people will be fishing, be swimming, you will see that big mountain – Kilimanjaro

So far, exams are going fine. So far.

The woman who raised me is not my mother. I only found my mother last year – but I love her. She’s the only one I knew

Every message is there inside reggae

These tears are for my dad. He died when I was 10


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6 Responses to “Humans of Durban”
  1. John Atkinson says:

    don’t lie those tears are for jonny mongrel who banged you up in pollsmoor

  2. Neekolaus says:

    I was about to say the same thing. aren’t those tear tattoos usually gang-related?

  3. Correcto says:


  4. Thea says:

    Yet again, AMAZING pictures 🙂

  5. kurt says:

    john atkins you’re a fuckin rip

  6. fuckhead says:

    tears symbolise that you have killed somebody before. in gang hes prob got rid of 2 problems out of 99

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