Fluffy White Bunnies #38 – Cunning Stunt

You may have heard, Helen Zille paid a visit to Nkandla over the weekend…

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10 Responses to “Fluffy White Bunnies #38 – Cunning Stunt”
  1. Neekolaus says:

    Well, Helen’ s little stunt may have flopped, but the news crew there covered off some pretty amazing footage. Shacks right on Msholozi’s doorstep, obese policemen who were apparently part of the ‘Elite Unit’, and a local councilor who spoke of ‘Father Zuma’ like he was god incarnate. Bonkers, I tell ya.

  2. Erm says:

    Yeah, publicity stunt or not, this outing brought to light some pretty fucked up stuff.

  3. Alastair says:

    Stuff that was uncovered two months ago.

  4. Time Bomb says:

    Hahahahaha! Urban terrorisim Niggaz! Alistair Im a fan of your satrical demeanours!

  5. Neekolaus says:

    Helen is like: “That shit cray! I’m going to go to the courts.”
    And Zuma is like “Bitch, pleez. I’ve already ignored a Supreme Court Order to hand over my spy tapes, what makes you think I’m going to respect your silly little police station charge?”

  6. Jem Atkins says:

    Of course it was a publicity stunt. We all knew it. Te DA knew it. And the ANC hates her for it! Because how DARE she bring attention to such an audaciously irresponsible ANC blunder so close to election time! HOW DARE SHE! What if the masses find out…???
    Publicity stunts are part and parcel of the political arena, ESPECIALLY when you have a ruling party that strays as far from the will of the people as SA does, leaving the DA with little recourse (especially since court orders hold little sway with old ‘Shower-head’ and the ANC) but to create a spectacle big enough to make sure that the easily swayed and lethargic general public look up and go, “Hey, what’s that commotion over there? Let’s check it out. WTF??? Look at the size of those houses! Check all this infrastructure!! That must have cost close to half a billion rand. DAMN…wish WE had electricity…and text books. VIVA, BABY…viva…”
    This. Is. Democracy. And the ANC wouldn’t even batter an eyelid if they had nothing to hide; instead they’d let her walk around Inkandla until her little white feet bled…and laugh. But this isnt the case, is it?

  7. Do the illuminati know about this? Is Zuma the illuminati? Is this the illuminati underground bunker?

  8. Erm says:


    Publicity stunts and political grandstanding annoy the shit out of me but I don’t even mean the actual Nkandla issues, I’m talking about the fact that the ANC think they can bar a person or group from an area of this country if their presence there displeases them and the fact the SAPS is seemingly complicit in this. That is fucked up beyond all measure.

  9. luke says:

    the hand sign with ‘wow’ is my favourite bit. so good.

  10. Rycology says:

    The motorcycle in panel 3 is possibly the worst thing Alistair has draw since http://durbanisyours.co.za/2012/10/fluffy-white-bunnies-37-thru-the-looking-glass/

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