DIY Presents: Veranda Panda – Salmon Rose

Veranda Panda really shouldn’t be new to anyone that visits this site. The violinist/DJ combo have been making a name for themselves countrywide this year after dropping The White EP and now they’re about to release their latest EP, The Black EP. They were gracious enough to share the opening track of The Black EP, Salmon Rose, with us, and we naturally had to pass it on to you. Give it a listen below, and if you like it, 88 of you will be able to give it a download. Here’s what they had to say about the track…


DIY: So what inspired you to name your new song, Salmon Rose, after sushi?

Jane: It was originally inspired by a friend of ours so we named it after him but we changed it because he’d see the track and things could become a little bit weird. So we were throwing some names around and it has in places a little bit of an Asian feel to it and we think it’s really beautiful. And we both really like Sushi…

Liam: The long way round would be to say that stories are very important to us, with the songs we make and with the EPs collectively. We don’t just make something, we like there to be a story behind it.


DIY: With your style of music, it’s hard for me to pick up the stories but it does feel like the songs are really personal to you…

Liam: It is personal, and why I was taking the long way around was to say that it’s the first track of the EP and it defines The Black EP a lot because it’s quite dark.


DIY: I wanted to bring that up because it’s a lot more down tempo than your other stuff and more atmospheric than a club anthem..

Liam: We’re kind of in a cool situation where we’re not signed to a label so we can do whatever we want, there’s obviously downsides but we made this music which is not dance music and decide to put it on The Black EP, because it’s dark. (Laughing) I made it sound kind of simple but it’s a beautiful platform for us.


DIY: How do you find playing stuff like this compared to the dancier tracks, how are you expecting the crowds to react?

Jane: These kind of songs are quite difficult to play often, but a lot of the time we aren’t creating music specifically for a set. We aren’t saying we’re gonna go to this club so we’re going to make this song to play at this club. We’re making music that we like, music that’s inspired from things around us. We’ll get a riff in our heads, or some kind of bass line and put it down, then work on it together from there. Sometimes we come up with stuff like this which is a little bit weirder, but we still like it and want to put it out there and hopefully other people will like it too and then we’ve done something worthwhile. (Laughs)


DIY: That’s cool. So you guys obviously rework tracks for live performances right?

Liam: We don’t necessarily play things from A – Z, we cut it up into different samples and different sections and that’s where the live element comes in. That we can manipulate things as we’re going along…


DIY: And you can mix multiple tracks together…

Liam: Ja, like we can cut our tracks backwards and forwards, repeat a verse if we want to or end a song halfway though and go into another one if we want to.


DIY: So that’s the difference between the recorded stuff and playing it live, that you get to play around with it more?

Liam: Yeah. It’s a big thing for me. A lot of DJs nowadays say that they’re a live DJ…

Jane: Or that they say they’re a DJ slash producer…

Liam: But a live DJ was pretty much kickstarted by what Goldfish did. You have the ability to improvise live and what you have at your fingertips is not nought seconds to five minutes of song. It’s cut up so you can manipulate it as you go along. Going back to your original question, I don’t think this is a song we’ll play much live at all.


DIY: Cool man. Lastly, you’ve done The White EP, about to drop The Black EP, is the next one The Grey EP?

Jane: Nope, the next one is going to be called Colours.



So that’s Salmon Rose. What do you think? Got The Black EP on your Christmas wishlist? If you really dig it, give Veranda Panda a like and keep up to date with their goings ons.


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    Mummie’s little monkey is SO clever. He hides his genius under his dear little curls!

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    Bob i cant help but hear your kermit the frog voice in your questions, sounds like you drank a fresh cup of jizz in the morning

  3. @Ewokessay says:

    The boss man and the boss lady. I reckon people are going to look back on these two as another one of Durbans true success stories.

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    man that GIF is making me laugh

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