DIY Presents: D’urban Knights – Pat The Cat

Drain rat rappers, D’urban Knights, may have had a couple changes to their line-up of late but it hasn’t stopped Viv and Kurt from pushing forward with new sounds and new songs. Their latest offering, Pat The Cat, is a poignant exploration of female sexuality set to some 80’s synth. We had a short chat with Kurt Peinke about chimpanzees whacking off and offending old people, check it out and then give Pat The Cat a listen.

DIY: What’s Pat The Cat all about?

Kurt: It’s pretty much the personification of masturbation. It’s like when chicks think of masturbation as this devil on their shoulder, in the song that devil is in the form of Postman Pat. (Laughs) It’s just the wackest thing I’ve ever thought of. Imagining Postman Pat sitting on your shoulder telling you to pat your cat and that it’s okay.


DIY: So is this an issue that is very close to your heart? Why’d you write a song about it?

Kurt: I was actually having a debate with this girl at varsity and she tunes me that she doesn’t masturbate. She had a debate with me that she thinks that most girls don’t masturbate and that it’s just a guy thing. I was like “That’s complete bullshit. We’re all human beings, we all came from chimpanzees, and they fucking whack off all the time.”


DIY: So that’s your theory, because chimpanzees whack off, then all women must too?

Kurt: Hey, they’re not that different to us genetically. I’m just saying that we’re all animals on this planet and we have urges. Why deny it?


DIY: You’re using more and more synth and less samples with your newer tracks, why’s that?

Kurt: I always saw us being a band so when we started,  I was using samples and organs and real bass and trying to make our shit sound like it could be filled in by real instruments but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen now.


DIY: So that’s why you’re going full synth?

Kurt: Full synth, yeah. Synth rap. (Laughs.) Even the old beats I’m reworking and chucking out all the crap and synthing it up. I’m not going for this 80’s neon bullshit though, it just sounds more fat and cuts through live more than all the other shit. The one way to be different with rap is to play an instrument live and I’m not gonna strap a guitar on and play a lead and then rap like some Aerosmith and RUN DMC shit. That was the worst shit ever. That’s the one thing we’ll never do, a rock/rap collaboration cause that’s just so cheesy.


DIY: Instead you’ll rather go 80’s synth rapping about masturbation?

Kurt: Yeah, why not 80’s synth rapping about masturbation? There’s always loads of different topics, we’re not conscious rappers and I don’t think we’re ever going to be. We’re just having a laugh, taking the piss and at the same time being serious about performing. Perform it hard and come with more of a punk ethos instead of doing that lets-make-more-beats-in-my-room-than-actually-perform-bling-bling bullshit. Performing is the number one thing, just to get out there. And to offend people (Laughs).


DIY: You just wanna make some rap music and offend people?

Kurt: That’s pretty much it dude. I want to offend bitches, I want to offend religious types, I want to offend control freaks… I want to offend old people mainly. I just think this place is one big fucking old age home.


DIY: And I think we can end it there… Shot bro.


So what do you think? Is 80s synth rap about masturbation the next big thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Photo by iKind Media

8 Responses to “DIY Presents: D’urban Knights – Pat The Cat”
  1. GrayGray says:

    “We’re all human beings, we all came from chimpanzees, and they fucking whack off all the time”

    Day made!

    Sick track too, loving that synth!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Pascal says:

    Love Kurt.

  3. Sam I am says:

    The first verse is a bit too wigger but the second part of the song is tight. keen to see these guys live. When are they playing agian?

  4. Jolling! says:

    I can’t tell if he’s an idiot or a genius.

  5. kaptain cade says:

    “I just think this place is one big fucking old age home.”

    too true son

  6. wigger says:

    girl your pwuss is wigger

  7. mynameisgrant. says:

    bladdy madness!!!! froth. can’t wait to shoot.

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