Humans Of Durban

This month’s Humans Of Durban pays a visit to a place familiar to the thrifty and those looking for unexpected treasures, The Car Boot Market.  Meet an economist, a mother who put her two daughters through school by selling at the market, a flashy dresser, a cute kid and a few more Durban humans.

“I’m economist, and let me tell you we need to feed people. We need to bring back community gardens. People are addicted to grocery stores.”

“We’ve been selling here for 18 years” 

“People just give me nice things and I wear them”

“I’ve been to 14 African countries, studying herbs, drawing herbs and learning my craft.” 

“Wait! Show me counting my money”  


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9 Responses to “Humans Of Durban”
  1. What a relief not having to see Grant Payne’s photos again, these were bearable

  2. Martin says:

    Here Troll Bot 500, have some food.

  3. Kath says:

    Durban has great humans. Nice photos. Loving the girl in the bowler hat – she’s got style.

  4. DJ Fuego Heat says:

    Troll bot is Grant Payne. Or wants to suck him off. Those are the only two explanations for his borderline stalker obsession. Otherwise, sick photos.

  5. Damn Fuego Heat you’re a smart one, I got caught out

  6. Martin says:

    You can’t generate your own bad publicity online Grant, thats just bad form.
    Do it the old fashion way: get a hooker pregnant and sell drugs to kids 😉

  7. Alexander says:

    Why bring your inane shit into these comments? Looking forward to many, many more Humans of Durban. Want to know more about that Herbalist! Reminder of the amazing diversity surrounding us.

  8. Neekolaus says:

    Nice photos. Reminds me a lot of the Milnerton Market in Cape Town. 99% of the time, it’s all just shit and then one day you find something remarkable.

  9. Mercia says:

    Great pictures which capture the ‘essence’ of the ‘market with a heart!’
    A microcosm of our country.

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