None of us at DIY have had the fortune of attending Fun In The Sun. It’s a shame really, we were meant to go this year but by the time we realised it was time for Durban’s biggest dance festival, all the lumo paint and MDMA supplies had dried up. Luckily for us, Al Nicoll was there to document the fun and he was willing to share some of his shots with us for your viewing pleasure.

Did you hit up Fun In The Sun? Was it as fun as it looks? Let us know in the comments section below.

You can see the rest of Al’s photos on Facebook.

20 Responses to “F.I.T.S”
  1. skullbooooooi says:

    Lose your tits! It’s the comments section!

  2. Gigantic Faggot says:

    This is art.

  3. Queen LaQueefer says:

    Bitches & jocks all up in da hou$e.

  4. I loved FITS, it was the best event I attended this whole entire year!!! Its the only place hot babes and jocks(like myself) can join up together and have a good time with out having hipsters cause trouble.

  5. WhiteMike says:

    Chinese tattoos, cellulite, neon, flat peaks, grossly squished up saggy tits, and dudes wearing camel backs while hitting the ‘gurn’ hard. Good photos for such poor subjects.

  6. Typical says:

    Lets not go to the event, just make fun of it. DIY keeps going downhill.

  7. Jus like it boet says:

    Jesus Grade A polony

  8. pissingblood says:

    These photos make me wish I owned a shit load of guns, a sword and a burning desire to die buy sniper fire…

  9. wut says:

    DIY didn’t make fun of the event. If anything they promoted it.

    People in the comments section did, make fun of it.

    So, maybe DIY’s vocal readers are going downhill, but not DIY.


    It is a pity that people can’t abide someone having fun in a different way to them…so much intolerance.

  10. wut says:

    I accidentally a comma.

  11. wut says:

    @WhiteMike congrats on being the biggest Jock on this page:


    Keep up the good work Boych!

  12. Sometimes, when i’m alone and I can’t sleep at night, I get naked, rub Vaseline all over my body and pretend i’m a slug in the kitchen.

  13. Similo says:

    DIY does everything they can to promote Durban, I don’t understand why people choose to see negativity that isn’t there. The people who comment are the ones who need to grow up, not DIY.

  14. Calico Jacks says:

    Let’s go back to the good old days, stop talking and just fuck each other up for old time’s sake!

  15. Gary says:

    I know White Mountian was the tits I woke up and found condoms in my pocket, fuck I hope I’m not a dad

  16. IOIIOOIO says:

    It was awesome. It was not unlike Splashy in the sense that everyone there was super friendly, getting amped, and in some cases bumbling hard. It’s pretty much the same kind of crowd you find at Origin. My only complaint is I’d prefer if they have different tents playing different styles. I was still keen to party until the sun came up but just couldn’t get into the trance stuff.

    I <3 TITS!

  17. Harry says:

    Fuck the judgements. If you shmaak the jol, lekker. If not, don’t go.

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