Cowabunga Bitches!

Last Friday saw Live playing host to three touring bands from different parts of the country, two relatively new bands, The Dollfins, Beach Party and the more experienced Wrestlerish, with City Bowl Mizers being the home team for the night. Eliza Day shares her experiences of the night.


This past weekend was a biggie for us Durban cats. With so much on the dance card, people were in a frenzy of anticipation on social media. There was talk of double-fisting drinks (sounds gross) and watching the sun come up, go down and then come up again.

The humidity has finally set, so the air hung fat on Friday with condensation that would occasionally spill over into massive raindrops. People go mad when it rains and tend to crash their cars repeatedly into each other, pedestrians and anything nearish a road, so I was late for the gig at Live and missed Cape Town’s two girls ‘n’ a guy band, The Dollfins, which dampened my night a little/a lot/a lottle bit.


During the interval, Live’s bar was swarmed as people made good on their promise to get as wasted as all hell. It must be the start of summer that has everyone in this fab mood. I hope it sticks.

Next up were the City Bowl Mizers. While I don’t personally go in for the moderate punk rock the Mizers specialize in, I do think they used to be one of the liveliest acts around to watch perform. Lately they seem to have lost a little of the love. Marty still bounces around and gets the crowd moshing and whatnot but they honestly didn’t look like they were having that much fun on Friday. Even the young, shiny first year girls that were shyly pushing each other in front of the band and giggling didn’t rouse the usual mania. I hope this means that that they are growing out of this band and looking to turn their talents to the various side projects I’ve been hearing about.



The next band to take the stage was Beach Party. They also hail from the Mother City and I was looking forward to seeing these guys. I’m a fan of Graeme Newlove’s previous work (The Magic Of Pegasus) and was looking very much forward to seeing him in Beach Party. However, I looked at the stage and saw the lack of glitter and realized he is no longer in the band. Erg, this night was turning into a drag but without the drag queen I’d come here to see. Anyway, Danielle had moonlighted over from The Dollfins and was taking part in the vocals and jamming bass for Beach Party. They’re sweet, tongue-in-cheek surf, rock-pop and pretty fun to dance to. If I was at a prom in a small town in America in the 60’s, they’d be the band up on stage. I liked what ‘Andy Islands’ was doing in his Hawaiian shirt on the organ. Nice use of dreamy, sun-based, summer melodies and simple, pop-punk bass lines. They remind me of the sunnier songs that came out of The Smiths like ‘This Charming Man’ and such. Beach Party is okay but a bit boring.



Wrestlerish, Pretoria indie outfit, were also on the bill that night. I remember this band being deemed the next big thing in SA pop when I first saw them somewhere near the end of 2009. It was interesting to watch them years later, since they’ve become a well known name in South African music. Their most recent album, Towns and the direction they seem to be sauntering down is a very safe, predictable road of sing-a-long folk-rock. The vocal arrangements are consistently quite sweet and occasionally quite beautiful. Lyrically, Wrestlerish stick to a stereotypical boy/girl drama that plays out in sepia tones and plaid. I imagine them getting a lot of play on soundtracks for college-kid TV dramas.



The next level, now that everyone was well lit, was to move unsteadily on to The Winston, where they had got themselves an effing awesome DJ by the time I had gotten there. She was a platinum blonde and was playing some seriously dope synth and dank electro. Who are you lady? (Ed: That’s DJ Lii. She’s kiff.)

Good going!

I believe the weekend carried on very happily without me after my group dragged themselves, liverish and ill, into the dawn like pasty vampires on Saturday morning.

Welcome to the summer. Eek.



*All images © Russell Grant

39 Responses to “Cowabunga Bitches!”
  1. Lols! says:

    Bitch says it as it is. Swak for CBM though.

  2. Jolling! says:

    From now on, any time there is a “review” from Eliza Day, I’m just going to go straight to the comments and type DUMB BITCH. Never wasting time reading shit like this again.

  3. luke says:

    i don’t think you really know what punk rock is.

  4. @ Jolling

    Yawn. Every time there is a comment from you I’m just going to go straight to the comments and type DUMB BITCH

  5. luke says:

    and holy shit bob’s stage dive.

  6. Pedro says:

    … into solid concrete.. 😉

  7. Wololo says:

    The highlight of the night was bob’s abortion of a stage dive. Fails that epic cant be planned…..

  8. skullbooooooi says:

    Shit, I wish I was that stoked-as-fuck dude. That’s what I imagine Jesus to look like. He’d be all like “Like, FUUUUUCK, you guys! Check this shit out! I’m, like, totally walking on this water bro! My Dad’s never gonna believe this! YOLO”. Yeah, you’d be an awesome jesus.

  9. Fact Checker says:

    FACT: Danielle wasn’t moonlighting for Beach Party, she’s a founding member.
    FACT: She was playing the guitar for Beach Party. Makki Summer played the bass.

    Were you even at the show or were you just making out with your brother all night while the Jesus twins watched?

    It’s so sad that you’re DIY’s ‘booty call’ writer, a last minute last resort whenever they can’t get the writers they would prefer to get, to cover events.

    “I believe the weekend carried on very happily without me after my group dragged themselves, liverish and ill, into the dawn like pasty vampires on Saturday morning.”

    Your little crew you plug at the end of this drivel is so bullshit: Velvet Underground/ Kasabian/ heroin-chic wannabes.
    I feel bad for your parent’s money.

  10. luke says:

    damn nigga. u mad?

  11. Rakiki Sneaky says:

    Durban. home of the keyboard gangsters

  12. Stathi says:


  13. Columbine love says:

    Fact Checker seems like a utter womans willy.

  14. Fact Checker says:

    Yeah, i guess that was a little unnecessary. The facts i stand by. The rest i write off to some personal teenage angst from the past. Sorry Caroline, i just miss it when we used to collect Spice Girls stickers together.

  15. Krokodil says:

    “playing some seriously dope synth and dank electro”?
    “Beach Party is okay but a bit boring”?

    Christ in a leprosorium, DIY, what the fuck is this? I mean, after that Mahala ship hit the rocks, you guys used to be THE place to go for some good entertainment writing, what the hell happened? How can you allow such criminality on your pages? Sure, maybe you HAD to cover this gig, friends, connections, what not, but this?!?!?!

    Firstly: this woman has ZERO writing sense/skill/flair. From experience, I’ll say that a well written bad review is about ten times better for a band than a good review that no one wants to read because they fall asleep after the first sentence. This piece reads like a bunch of CD reviews of records you haven’t even listened to: “Uh, Beach Party, yeah, they are from Cape Town, they have like some girls in the band [digested info that everyone already knows], and they have guitars and their sound is in the general ‘rock’ category [the estimation of genre you make by looking at the CD cover].”

    Which leads me onto my second point: information/usefulness/relevance/blahblahblah. Let’s forget the degenerate style badly ripped off from 90s rolling stone mags [when rolling stone was like totally cool because everyone was on heroin], some people haven’t evolved yet to the realization that to write well you actually have to read some BOOKS [cray cray notion, I know] and that sucking off a few rock ‘n rollas backstage doesn’t imbue you with the necessary skills [the rock ‘n rollas will undoubtedly tell you otherwise]. Forget all that. But what does this article really TELL us? Does it inform? Bring new shit to light? Does it give a sense of what went down that night? Sure, we all fucking know that those bands played, but this is not a flyer [I’m talking about those sexy flyer things you see in the US: Band Name, Style, Country/State of Origin.], this a story.

    The answer [and please, please do correct me if I am wrong] is a resolute ‘NO’ to all of the above. Where is the feeling? Where is the fucking feeling? By your talented hand, Ms Day, all the bands, all the fun that people probably had that night, is reduced to a flat line, an exercise in boredom, a fucking burial of music, presided over by your own inadequacies. This, my dearest DIYers, is pure treason against the very notion of music writing and I’m like lank bleak that you let this go up.

  16. luke says:

    hahaha, holy shit.

  17. Stathi says:

    Why does every comment always have to be a personal attack?
    You gave your criticism. Fair enough. You are entitled to that & we encourage it.
    But mixing it with snarky comments in the attempt to make yourself look like a superior writer is uncalled for.
    Well done Krokodil, you tried to publicly humiliate/lambaste Eliza Day.
    I bet you were smiling when you hit the “Submit Comment” button.
    What a fuckin hero.

  18. Krokodil says:

    I was indeed smiling, but you are wrong, I didn’t try to publicly humiliate the writer. She did that herself.

  19. Martin says:

    I dunno, i kind of agree with Krokodil and the way he wrote it was intended to be snarky for obvious reasons, he feels like he was cheated a bit.
    I guess we know who he is and he is a writer who gets paid to write for some highly respected (and not so respected) publications. So he’s talking from a place of experience and adding to the “entertainment value” that this piece was lacking, by being snarky. Come on, it was funny. People don’t come onto DIY to see whats going on in culture, people come on here to see the flame wars and comment threads, i’m sure you agree that Eliza’s articles generate a lot of traffic for DIY, so i understand why you would ask her to write for you.

    I don’t necessarily blame DIY though, you guys have put up some solid articles and some amazing pieces of writing up here, but sometimes a turd or two falls through the cracks. Just like sometimes CBM will write a sub par song and we knowingly work on it until it’s better, it’s part of the process, it’s not always about being perfect but more about getting better.
    There’s no reason to get butt-hurt about it, we’ve gotten lambasted many times by Eliza Day, DIY and it’s readers in the comment section.
    Criticism, although sometimes delivered harshly, is always beneficial even though it may not be easy to swallow.

    When i saw who wrote this piece i was expecting a good roasting, it’s no secret that she doesn’t like our band, and we’ve expressed before that it doesn’t bother us cos we can’t please everyone, this is more about quality writing and i was expecting to be eloquently lambasted and chewed out, to be honest i was a little disappointed. This is an entertainment blog, we come here to be entertained, even if we’re the butt of the joke sometimes. It builds character.

    Anyway, rant over, here’s a picture of a kitten and a parrot sleeping side my side.

    Have a nice day everyone

  20. Haters gonna hate…”such a loving place Durban is that it is home to people who are open minded and can appreciate others opinions” SAID NO ONE EVER. “ aahgaaaraaraaa this MY internet, rararaa I must read what I like and if MY internet somehow offends me or drives me to have a cry wank I must proceed to lambaste writer raaraaraa, personal vendetta must mean that is platform was made for me to throw a tirade show for all the cool hipsters to read raaaaaaaa ” god, how old are you people.

  21. Sarah says:

    The article was disappointing.
    There is some underlying constructive criticism in the comments. As in everything, the more peeps write, the better they get, so I hope she takes something away from this and comes back to wow us with the next one.
    I can say that we’ve learnt a lot about the writer:
    – knows people that can crash their cars, more than once, into several different objects, on the same rainy night. (what do these people drive?!?)
    – Amped on: people getting wasted, Graeme Newlove in glitter, synth and electro.
    – Not enthusiastic about: Bands.
    – believes vampires to be pasty and not sparkly. (that’s a plus)

  22. Sarah says:

    Well said Martin :o) Although the pic was offensive.

  23. luke says:

    quick, someone set-up the DIY article tribunal so whatever’s intended to be posted is first validated and approved by you, the ever opinionated commentator/viewer. we need more opinions on people’s opinions. opinion-ception that shit.

  24. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold says:

    why do people think their opinion is so important.

    i cant wait for some twat to post their snarky hipster pseudo-intellectual opinion, pissing off the wrong person which results in their face being cut off.

  25. jesus says:

    the out of town bands were boring and just touring, the local band lacked punch. Biggest appeal of the night seemed to be the drinks.
    Stage was secondary, even from the musicians.

  26. *Yawn*


    Comments were boring….

    Here’s a wall of fuck-all.


    *A message from Bob:

    Dear Troll Bot 500,

    Sorry to take sledge hammer to your wall, but you do not have permission to build such a wall on these premises
    Any further attempts to spam this site will marked as spam and you will no longer be able to post comments without approval.

    I look forward to your co-operation in this matter.

    Thank you,

  27. Stathi says:


  28. Mick says:

    @Fact Checker

    Do you really feel as though I’m a Velvet Underground/ Kasabian/ heroin-chic wannabe?

    Blush* 🙂
    Then my work here is done…

    I’ve watched the fights and comments of controversy over DIY concerning Eliza’s writing for some time and havent spoken until now. Its usually not worth it. Surprised it is for most at least. I think the bands and people of durban know if I like them or not just by my regular living, and well – what’s my opinion worth anyway?
    I’ll keep it limited and general:

    A reality check that I’ve noticed and people shouldnt deny: Durban is the most behind and has very little to offer when compared to the other major cities – DON”T FIGHT THIS! We all in Durban want to get to the place where we can say the East Coast is the best. We should compete with Jozi and Cape Town… No one wants to think we’re awesome because we trump Benoni and Limpopo like fully fucked. I also think it can be incredible – I love plenty people in Durban. I rub shoulders with the one of the biggest Morrisey lovers and a massive Psych head on the other side (and they’re genuinely into it – not because Psychedelic rock has become relative in SA – about 5 years off the mark but anyway – and not because they think a suave haircut of the subculture is cool so they think the music is cool respectively – the diversity of Durban is broad, genuine and doesn’t stop us from hanging out and being friends – which makes me believe Durban has massive potential. But its limited by small mindedness and the shear minority of us – we all know each other and there’s only ever one place a night to hang out.
    I lived in Cape Town for some time and suffocated under the weight of pretentious bull shit and competition – alas I fell but the city continued… It’s truly what makes them stronger – it doesn’t care. And I ended up being the fool because I couldnt wrap my head around how ephemeral the loyalty to culture was. So long as its contemporary. (and you can decide what you feel at that last point – there’s no wrong opinion there.)

    There are great bands in SA
    There are plenty shit bands in SA

    By saying great bands are good because they encouraged 20 girls to stage dive – isn’t do them a favour. In fact I don’t care… That just tells me people were drunk and the stage security is crap.
    By saying the shit band is doing well because they’re you’re mates and been growing up with them for 10years isn’t doing them a favour either. Green Day has been making songs for like 20 years, and always had a million fans and they’ve always been mega crap! And always will be mega crap – your friends loyalty doesnt determine the success of your sound. As well as by rewarding the crap you’re really just stealing from the talent who are trying to tap into newer things.

    Lester Bangs said what he wanted… Bands made it whether they listened to him or not… But I can tell you they didn’t make it by just being contempt with playing for a bar tab and hi5 at the end of the set.

    What I’m saying is that Durban must grow up a little… If you wanna call me a heroin junkie I really don’t care – its rather offensive to say actually (would definitely hesitate saying something like that to someone out of utter morals really) – makes me think little of people in general. Albeit I love the people I talk to and party with around Durban (they know who these are – some being in bands I hate – doesn’t judge my interaction with them) and well everyone else – you certainly tell eliza the brutal truth, start accepting some of it too. Bands are shit. Bands are good.

    My advice to DIY readers: Stop getting so passionate about slating the review writers – that’s lame.. Go preoccupy yourselves with your own, personal, undoubtedly mad talents. I can assure you I won’t stand in your way nor call you a ‘cock-sucking slut’ etc. even if I don’t like it – because that’s just intense. I’d rather be a Velvet Underground/ Kasabian/ heroin-chic wannabe than offend somebody like some things I’ve read.
    Later haters and lovers

  29. luke says:

    nah fuck that. kerplunk and dookie are pretty solid.

  30. Martin says:


    Yeah man, you can’t really argue with that, Durban does have some growing up to do.
    And it’s still a rad place to live in with so much untapped potential.

    I’ve toured around the country a couple of times and have been overseas. It really puts Durban into perspective to see how it contrasts with the rest of the world. Not in a bad way, just that there’s more going on on this planet to.

    It’s that very thing that makes me and, by the sounds of it, you proud to be from this city even though it has it’s flaws. It makes us wish it were better in many regards, from music to event venues to the way people treat each other in general.
    Out of town, I used to tell people that Durban had the best music scene because you’d be able to go to a show with a diverse crowd and watch bands of many genres share stages (some crap and other great, but that never mattered, it was always that sense of belonging, as lame and cliched as this sounds) and the people you went there with or met at gigs and events were the friendliest. But over the past few years, i’ve stopped telling people that. Sure, I still boast about the nuances of our city that make it a really cool place to live in but I myself have become quite cynical about the scene and have seen this city’s small scene become a little up it’s own ass to be frank. Maybe it’s just me, maybe i’m getting old and grumpy, thats cool too i guess we all need a reality check every once in a while to get us back out there and giving a shit again.

    But yeah, some bands are shit and others are pretty awesome and having good reviews all the time certainly doesn’t do anyone any favours. Published reviews by friends are the equivalent of office newsletters or comments on home schooled kids report cards.
    And it’s actually funny how it’s never the bands that get pissed off about the reviews but rather, other people who find it necessary to be kak. Don’t be kak guys.

    I still think Eliza’s writing could have been better this time around, i’m still sticking with that, but hey in the words of Royal Tennebaum “…It’s just one man’s opinion!” (for lack of a less hipsterized, Wes Anderson fellating quote, hehe)
    I don’t lose sleep over it and i sure as fuck doubt she does either. DIY is just a blog at the end of the day.

    So i’m glad you wrote that man, people need to stop giving a shit about the negative and futile things and start giving a shit about what really matters, the people around them who are really trying to keep this city’s head above the water.

    OK i’ve invested way too much of my time on this, but it’s midnight and i’m procrastinating on some work i’ve gotta do.
    DIY: shot for helping me kill half and hour.

    p.s. Insomniac by Green Day is still one of their best and most underrated albums.

  31. Martin says:



  32. My wall of fuck-all is gone :'((((((((((((((((((

  33. DJ Fuego Heat says:

    I like Dookie and if I wanted to live in a city like Cape Town or JHB I’d move there.

  34. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold says:

    that ryan is cos you pride your self on bad taste. you are the only hipster i love, but i cotch in the direction of Cape Town.

  35. DJ Fuego Heat says:

    Thanks Andrew. I puke there too.

  36. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold says:

    awe bless.. ill hold your hair back while you do.

  37. N says:

    You need to get an ombudsman, Bob.

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