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The sixth installment of White Mountain Festival is just around the corner and their tag line describes the festival perfectly: Acoustic music in an awesome setting. That awesome setting being the Central Drakensburg, in Spring. We sent DJ Fuego Heat on a recon mission for us last year and he returned to base saying “White Mountain is love making. Sweet sweet love making. And regardless of line up or price, I can’t wait to make sweet love to White Mountain next year.” Luckily, the line up is solid this year. You can look forward to Chris Chameleon, John Ellis, Jeremy Loops, Matt Vend And The Tender Ten, Nick Pitman And The Roadhoggs and a ton more which you can check out on the flyer above. Tickets are going for R550 but as the headline to this post suggests, we’ve got two sets of double tickets worth R2200 to give away for free. Balling.


To win, tell us who you’re most looking forward to at this year’s festival and why. We’ll pick our favourite comment for the one set of tickets and we’ll select a comment and random for the second set.


Competition closes at Midnight on Wednesday the 12th of September 2012, please make sure you enter the correct email address so we can contact you if you win.

21 Responses to “Win Tickets To White Mountain!”
  1. Joshua Barnes says:

    Having just returned from living in Cape Town, I’ve missed the local festivals. Some of the best acts I’ve ever seen have been South African. Our music is something you cannot find elsewhere.

    I would most like to see Chris Chameleon. He is a God among men. His music and vast vocal range has rocked, revitalized and revolutionized our tastes in music!!! His voice adds something you magical to any festival. No festival is complete without him, and no life is complete without White Mountain.

    Make a poor mutt’s dream come true!

  2. Kelsey George says:

    I will be looking forward to the musical talent at the White Mountain Folk Festival. There is nothing better than relaxing in the tent and listening to live music in the beautiful setting of the Berg.

  3. Joanne Parker says:

    If the Acoustic Ascent comp was an indication of local talent that ISN’T going to the festival, I can’t begin to imagine how awesome the talent at White Mountain will be – please let me win so I can go check it out!! Most looking forward to Gary Nixon (winner of acoustic ascent), Nick Pitman (amazing!) and Jeremy Loops (after his rad splashy set). 🙂

  4. lucinda taylor says:

    i was at the first white mountain ever!!! Hav not been again but every year i wana go and somthing gets in the way! i reeeeeally wud looooooove to go this yr but still hav not managed to get tickets… maybe these are meant to be mine!!!

  5. Luke B says:

    Janie and the beard cause of how Janie takes a song and turns it into her own, that is how all cover songs should be done. Also been wanting to see her live for a while now and the chance to rock white mountain DIY style would be epic

  6. Mervyn Bartholomew says:

    I’m sooo looking foreward to just chilling around with wierd an wonderfull people making friends, havin a jol and listening to the best local music and waking up to the fresh linger of doob… Haha! My best festival in SA.

  7. JAH says:

    Nick Pitman because watching him at splashy was a definite indication that this smooth motherfucker deserves a real acoustic place to shine! White Mountain!

  8. Andrew says:

    I want to see the winner of the acoustic comp Gary Nixon. He lives at the same place as I do and have had enough of hearing him practising for White Mountain……..I wanna hear him live doing his magic on your stage!!! PS he is going to be epic.

  9. Robyn says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to make a little trip to the mountains for White Mountain Festival and I would jump off a few tents if I could finally see Jeremy Loops live! Missed him at Splashy and I almost cried but these tickets would make me the happiest human alive. Literally. And just like DJ Fuego I want to make sweet love to White Mountain this year!

  10. Daniel says:

    I would be very excited to see Jeremy Loops and the Sir Walrus Band. Jeremy Loops is fantastic live, and he has a saxophone in his line up. The Sir Walrus Band are always tight and delicious(oh god), and fuck me, they have a saxophone too. I love me some sax, right in my ear-vagina. So please, DIY, enable me to see these saxilicious bands!


  11. Other than all my friends are going except me??? (This blows) I think I deserve a holiday, never been to White Mountain, I couldn’t make splashy , or Oppie, I can’t make RTD if I miss this I think my life will be over forever !!!No music festivals all year is enough to make one want to rock back in forth in a dark corner. Not to mention that I missed Jeremy Loops because I didn’t get to go to splashy (did I point that out enough)…my beanies have cobwebs on them, they just want to be worn in the berg air….my gumboots are dusty and they just want to stomp like a trooper to the sir walrus band…I don’t want to wave my friends off to white mountain while I head back inside my crummy flat, with just me and my study books for the whole weekend, like every weekend….if I don’t win I will set up a tent in my courtyard, all by myself and put some local music on my Walkman , maybe I will get one of my friends to phone me when the party is in full swing and put them on speaker phone so I can pretend I am there…Sounding lame enough yet? Me, me, me pick me DIY

  12. Sophia says:

    Jeremy Loops is the bomb diggy dangadangDANG. He sings about trees and the environment and happy things to a sweet sweet beat. Also, there is a saxophone involved, which always makes for that delicious mix of cheese and hair flinging joygamiscness.

    White Mountain 2009 was the first trip Xavier and I took together. We haven’t been able to go back since, so it would be wonderful to win some shiny golden tickets!

  13. Amy says:

    NIck Pitman, because I love listening to blues and I hear this guy is rather talented. Also, since Dan Patlansky is on tour most of these days, it would be rad to maybe start stalking a new Durban Blues guitarist.

  14. Inger H says:

    I think I should get the tickets because I have the most insane crush on Chris Chameleon so I’d love to see him perform.

    And I’m stupid enough to write that on DIY.

  15. Leighton says:

    This broke ass student would really like to see another music festive before the debt collectors break his legs.

  16. Mel says:

    Most looking foreward to getting some sun on my cheeks, a little bit of that infamous berg grass between my toes and lovely, lovely sounds between the ear holes. Jeremy Loops never fails to cause a crowd of sort decent people into jumping, screaming, laughing banchees … dying to hear all the other talent and just let loose. Please DIY team, make this happen!

  17. tami says:

    im amped to see jeremy loops while enjoying beautiful, natural.. shrooms. <3

  18. Dan Patlansky because he sometimes does Jimi Hendrix covers and its truly superb to smoke a J, close your eyes and listen to some sweet sweet love makin’ musical notes in the form of guitar solos that make me goosepimple all over mah body

  19. Sia says:

    I know I’m ampd to see Daniel My Brother because: 1) it’s such a cool-ass name & 2) its a musical act I’ve never heard of. But generally I just want to be at the festival because live music is the best kind of music and really just want to support our locals acts; show some love.

    sweet beans!

  20. Rowan Campbell says:

    I would most like to see John Ellis performing…been enjoying his stuff since Tree63 days. He’s got a really good stage presence and let’s be honest, he absolutely shreds on a guitar!

  21. Keezonius says:

    the nomadic orchestra sounds frikin awesome!

    classical definitely has its place.

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