Win Free Entry To Interpret Durban!

The line-up for this year’s Interpret Durban has been announced and out of nowhere, a name that hasn’t been seen on a poster in years takes the big bold spot at the top. Yup, Big Idea will be headlining a bill that see’s Durban’s finest collaborating to compete against each other. Wukkine. I know this news is a lot to take in, but you’re going to need to brace yourselves for more good news, you can get in for free. Yes, you. And you. Probably not you though, you’ve got to put in work for this one and everyone knows you’re too cool/lazy. Shame. Don’t be that ou.


We’ve got four tickets to give away and this is how you win them:


You need to snap pictures of THREE different INTERPERT DURBAN street pole posters (looks a lot like the one above) and upload them to Facebook or Twitter tagging “Interpret Durban” AND “Durban Is Yours”. Facebook: Interpret Durban, Durban Is Yours. Twitter: @InterpretDurban, @DurbanIsYours.

The first 4 people to accomplish this, win. Simple.


Think of it as an Easter egg hunt, but instead of a fatty boom batty chocolate, you get entrance into a party so dope you’ll get high just holding the ticket. There are 200 of these posters spread over Durbs and all the way down to Umhlanga (From Wentworth to DBN, if you will.) You need THREE for bragging rights. We are going to be looking for THREE unique entries. So don’t snap THREE , submit them and send them to your buddy to do the same. We know you’re hustlers, but you’re going to have to keep your hustle honest for this one.


I know you never listened in class so we’ll repeat it one last time:  First four people to send us photos of three different Interpret Durban posters via Twitter or Facebook get on the guestlist for the Interpret Durban event on the 29th of September. Aaaaaaand, Go!

3 Responses to “Win Free Entry To Interpret Durban!”
  1. Jolling! says:

    Durbanites using social media for anything other than agreeing with everyone else? This I’ve got to see.

  2. Tea Bags says:

    How much are the tickets?

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